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‘I’ve never seen it this bad’ – Pike County Residents Still Waiting for Power

DELAWARE TOWNSHIP -- Nearly a week after the first of two nor'easters struck northeastern Pennsylvania, thousands of people in Pike and Monroe Counties still have no power.

More than 12,000 homes and businesses serviced by Met-Ed are without power in Pike County. PPL is also saying 1,500 are also in the dark there.

We spoke with folks from this area and they tell us that they have never seen destruction like this.

Destruction from last week's storm has left people in Pike County without power for days.

"Indescribable," said Cindy Defederico. "I've never seen it this bad, not even during Hurricane Sandy. It's just, it's tragic, it's indescribable."

"This is bad," Donald Gilbert said. "I thought (Hurricane) Sandy was bad. We had three feet with Sandy but there weren't any trees down, maybe a few downed lines but this is the worst I've ever seen."

The outages were caused by a tremendous number of downed trees and power lines. Many utility poles snapped in two pieces, leaving roads covered in low hanging, broken power lines.

Utility crews from as far as Arizona and Michigan are in northeastern Pennsylvania working to restore power and are facing many challenges on the roads.

"They're doing their job and they're doing the best that they can," Defederico said. "Imagine trying to fix a power line when there's a huge tree on it and now it's covered in snow. It's not like as easy as people think."

Seven days after the destructive storm and families are still coming to shelters, like the one set up in Dingmans Township, for food, water, a hot shower, even a warm place to sleep.

Jennifer has a generator powering her heat and has had to take in her neighbors.

"We actually took in another couple who's elderly and the husband has dementia and they live in another community and they have nothing and no one."

Links below provide the latest power outage information for your area.


  • Shifty Biscuits

    You folks haven’t seen nothing yet. Just wait for the upcoming Nor’easter next week! This next one will make the last two look like child’s play! Like the late, great Manny Gordon used to say, “ENJOY…ENJOY, THE GREAT OUTDOORS OF NORTHEASTERN AND CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA!”

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