Hazleton’s Mayor Wants to Lease Street Parking Spaces

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HAZLETON -- Hazleton's mayor wants to lease parking spaces to alleviate parking issues and bring money into the city.

"We're looking for outside-the-box thinking on revenue sources," Hazleton's Mayor Jeff Cusat said. "The state, under ACT 47, is predicting that we're going to be about $400,000 short for this year and moving forward."

Mayar Cusat said if a resident chooses to lease a space, a sign similar to a handicapped space sign will be placed in the spot. He believes leasing parking spaces would be most helpful during the winter when much of the streets are filled with snow.

"I'm sure other municipalities have the same problem, where during the winter, neighbors fight over who shovels out the spot and who parks in it, so this would alleviate all of that," Cusat said.

Not everyone who lives in Hazleton is so sure about the mayor's idea.

"I think it's nuts," Tom Warg of Hazleton said. "He's got to be crazy. Like we don't pay enough to this city."

The mayor wants to charge $10 a month for the spots. The resident will be responsible for keeping others from parking there. The mayor plans to present the idea to the city council later this month.


  • Endowolf

    WBRE just reported on same story and reporter said there would be fines for people who take your paid space! I guess just say whatever you want and call it news

  • Rob Hetherington

    So if I lease a spot and its my responsibility to keep others out. I can install some spike strips so when the suddenly can’t speak English neighbor takes the spot and get four flats it’s ok right? The biggest drug hotel is 75 feet from a district justice office and operates with complete immunity. Corrupt beyond all logic!!!

  • Dana Smith

    So when someone is killed over a leased space and Scranton caused it who pays the lawsuits ( Mayor says residents responsible for enforcement) Privatizing public parking spots seems illegal – Most people bought homes with parking off street .

  • Shifty Biscuits

    When you pack twelve dirty sanchez’s into a one bedroom apartment, and each one has car, chances are parking will become a problem.

  • Brian Snyder

    “The mayor wants to charge $10 a month for the spots. The resident will be responsible for keeping others from parking there.” Then what’s the $10 for???

    • Shifty Biscuits

      I see lots and lots of shankings and stabbings on this one! Hazleton, you’re such an embarrassment to our state. Please go away.

    • Steve Gaydon (@stgraydon)

      It is going to be enforced on the honor system. If Hazleton had to enforce it themselves, they would have to pay someone $15/hour + benefits and that would defeat the whole purpose of bringing money into the city.

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