Man in Hospital After Getting Shot in the Face in Sunbury

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SUNBURY -- One person is in the hospital, and another is in cuffs after a shooting in Northumberland County.

Officials say Robert Crews was shot in the face in an apartment on South 11th Street in Sunbury just after 10 p.m. on Thursday.

Investigators say Brandyn Browne pointed a gun at Crews and pulled the trigger but he didn't think it was loaded.

Browne is charged with assault.

There is no word how the victim is doing in Northumberland County.


    • christined62

      When my “guns” get up and start running around and shooting people that’s when I will blame the “gun” and not the person who pulled the trigger.

    • wingfootjr

      J, does your car run anyone over by its own doing? Does your lawnmower run over your foot by its own propulsion? does your blender run after your fingers and chop them off without any intervention? Those damn evil devices with a mind of their own and their own actions, right?????

  • Rusty Knyffe

    This, boys and girls, is why we DON’T PLAY WITH FIREARMS!!!!! Brandyn (really?) Browne “didn’t think it was loaded…” was an overstatement. Browne simply “didn’t think.” What a spectacular idiot.

    Anyone who has any regard for the gravity of firearms will never, EVER point one in someone else’s face for any reason that does not involve immediate self-protection. Idiot, idiot, idiot

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