Lackawanna County Battered by Winter Weather

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JESSUP -- The workday ended early and unfortunately for many drivers on the Casey Highway in Lackawanna County.

Aaren Adams turned around before he got to work and then got stuck, causing a bit of a traffic jam on the on-ramp in Jessup.

"It was ridiculous, couldn't get nowhere, 360, it was ridiculous."

As the snow piled up, the winds picked up for drivers on Route 435 in Elmhurst Township.

Melissa Slangan had a tough time seeing the road on her way home.

"Quite slippery, yeah, didn't have far to go but normally it takes two, three minutes to get here and it probably took me about 15."

Like many others, her work day ended early, too.

"Day ended a little bit early, we lost power where we were working so everything has to stop then."

The likely culprit was a tree came crashing down on a power line off Villa Road in Elmhurst. It would be the first of many.

"PPL dispatched, gave us a call, and sent us out to this first job here. It was a large beech tree across, took the line out and this is just the beginning of the day," said James White of Treesmiths Inc.

The heavy winds made trees bend above us. For this crew, the workday wasn't ending anytime soon.

"You can see the amount of snow accumulating on the branches already, and obviously, the wind is enormous. Apparently, the whole northeast is getting wiped out by this. But, we're doing what we can out here and stay safe, work safe, and stay warm," White said.

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