Candy Caper Caught On Camera

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SCRANTON -- Call it a crime of confection in Scranton; a couple of crooks copping some candy.

Workers at Dunmore Candy Kitchen say two women brazenly stole candy and other items from the shop on Thursday.

Of course, they were caught on camera.

Now, police say they know the identities of the sweet tooth tandem.

“She'll give a look back, see if anyone's watching her, looks around, then right in the bag.”

Worker Nick Reuther Jr. describes what's happening on surveillance video taken from inside Dunmore Candy Kitchen.

A woman can be seen brazenly shoveling chocolate and other items into her purse.

“So obviously the bag looks pretty full,” said Reuther. “This is halfway through her shopping experience here.”

Workers say two women came to the store on Davis Street in Scranton sometime between 11:30 and noon.

While one of the women distracts an employee at the display case at the back of the store, the other one walks around the front boldly grabbing items and putting them into her bag.

“She'll grab, nice little handful there, and as you watch her hand, here she comes around the corner, she'll store them right away,” said Reuther Jr.

“There were some assorted chocolates that she took, some molds, some kid candy, that was it,” said owner Nicholas Reuther Sr.

“They definitely seemed like professionals, they had a scheme going, they had a very calculated way that they did it,” said employee Connor Allen.

At one point the woman looks right at the camera and there are several signs posted in the store that let customers know cameras are rolling.

“Looks at the camera, make eye contact with us,” said Reuther Jr.

Finally, the employee becomes suspicious and approaches the women; that's when the pair leave.

After looking at the tape, workers contacted Scranton Police.

“Clearly, they've done this one too many times before, the one person distracts and while the other one freely shops. I know our chocolate's the best around but you shouldn't be stealing,” Reuther Jr.

Scranton police say they have two people of interest for this theft and will be following up to confirm if they are the ones who committed the crime.

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  • commentswithabrain

    “They definitely seemed like professionals, they had a scheme going, they had a very calculated way that they did it,”
    This HAS to be a joke right? Yeah, clearly they’re professional thieves. I’ll bet they’re planning an ‘Oceans 11’ type of job on the Willy Wonka factory this very moment..

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