Rock Slide in the Poconos

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DELAWARE WATER GAP -- Drivers needed to find another way around Route 611 in Delaware Water Gap over the weekend after giant rocks held up traffic.

PennDOT officials say the rock slide happened Sunday morning.

"I guess too much rain. The ground got soft and the rocks are falling by themselves and coming down onto the road," said James Manesis, Effort.

The Delaware Water Gap Fire Department and PennDOT officials were able to clean up the mess quickly.

An engineer was called to survey the wall.

Signs are up alerting drivers to the possibility of falling rocks in this area.

"It doesn't happen often. That's the first I've ever heard it happening, so I think it's still relatively safe and just a coincidence that it happened," said Sara Graffin, East Stroudsburg.

PennDOT officials say they will continue to monitor the rock wall on Route 611 to make sure there are no further issues with loose rocks.

Graffin says she travels on this road often. She says it's important for PennDOT officials to keep a watchful eye on this area for the safety of all drivers.

"I mean it's definitely important. The safety of everyone is important. I think they should definitely do that, but I mean, it is their jobs to make sure the roads and environment are safe around here," said Graffin.

PennDOT officials say if you see a road problem, you're encouraged to report it.

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