Police: Student Arrested for Threats

BUTLER TOWNSHIP -- Austin Lehman, 20, of Drums told Newswatch 16 he did not want to hurt anyone, but Butler Township police say that's far from the truth.

Lehman was arrested Friday and charged with making terroristic threats.

Lehman, a student at Keystone Job Corps near Hazleton, was arrested after a tip from another student, who said Lehman may have been planning a mass shooting.

"You see it on the news and stuff, but you never think you'd see it around here,” said Charles Nudo of Drums.

According to court papers, Lehman, who is also a student at the Keystone Job Corps Center, was texting a female student.

In those texts, she said Lehman mentioned how he "idolizes serial killers," "loves to watch videos of school shootings online" and how he was diagnosed as a 'sociopath.'

Those texts also made mention of students on a 'hit list.'

Lehman also texted "I'm gonna have so many bodies."

That female student contacted the director of school security.

He called Butler Township police.

"At least somebody tipped off before it actually went down. That's kind of a shocker, but the way the world's going, it's not out of the ordinary, really,” said Rob Thomas of Drums.

"I think it was awesome that he was taken in and we found out about it before it was too late because there's so much tragedy going on in the United States right now, it's disgusting, so thank God the police got him,” said Kim Platek of Sugarloaf Township.

Lehman is in jail on 100-thousand dollars cash bail in Luzerne County.


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