UPDATE: Five Arrested in ESU Stabbing Case

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- Police have arrested three men for a stabbing on the campus of East Stroudsburg University.

State police say they are looking for three more suspects.

None of these suspects are East Stroudsburg University students and state police say the only student involved was the victim who was stabbed.

Right now, only three men are in custody and warrants have been issued for three others.

State police believe this to be a gang-related incident over drugs.

Dyshawn Mack, Tyrone Wilkins, and Shavelle Mills are all locked up in the Monroe County Correctional Facility after state police say they were involved in a stabbing incident that took place on the campus of East Stroudsburg University last month.

The three were arrested on Saturday.

State police say they are still looking for three more suspects -- Jamari Dortch, Francesco Reid, and Quincy Rhoden.

None of these suspects are ESU students.

The only student was the victim who sustained non-life-threatening injuries from the stabbing.

Campus officials say they were made aware of the arrests Tuesday.

"We had not received that confirmation of any arrests being made in terms of the three suspects that we're able to release at that time, but the official information we sent out was today," said Kenneth Long, East Stroudsburg University.

According to court papers, the men are believed to be a part of a gang known as the "Black P Stones." The group is tied to a number of crimes throughout Monroe County.

One of the men arrested, Dyshawn Mack, was found not guilty of attempted murder charges back in October.

Authorities believe the stabbing was over what is being called a "turf war," a battle between two groups who are dealing drugs to ESU students.

Newswatch 16 spoke to students who are relieved to hear some arrests have been made.

"It's a difficult process to do. It's concerning, but they are still looking for them. It's not like they stopped and they have to make sure they catch the right people. They can't give us false information," said freshman Marley Reither.

Campus officials say they are actively working with state police and will continue to update students with information as it comes in.

"We do keep close contact with our police and law enforcement so they may have information that differs from the communication that I have, but that's because it's a law enforcement matter and not available for distribution at times," Long explained.

Campus officials at ESU say they plan to hold a town meeting with local police for students to discuss the recent crime wave on campus.

A date for that meeting will be announced at a later time.


  • trucker

    Where is the anti-cutlery narrative, the marches for knife and fork control and the calls for action?
    MSM has proven they will exploit anyone for any reason at any age.
    What did the FBI know and when did they know it?

  • Spooky Skooky

    Shocking! These guys had a wonderful life ahead of them, The sky was the limit! Now due to some bullchit stabbing that didn’t kill anyone, they are on the hook? In philly this would be considered like helping change a flat tire. Here it’s a big f-ing deal..

  • GTX

    Why is it the crimes change but the faces all look the same. The Poconos are infested with these people and there is nothing anyone can do. To bad it used to be such a nice place to go.

    • to tell the truth

      It’s a crying shame but I saw this coming. Back in the 80’a my then husband wanted to move to the poconos and I was like no, this is the first place that’s everyone is going to run to and the first place to go south on a moral compass. Not to mention sleazy gambling which even back in the 80’s there was rumor of that coming to the poconos. I wanted no part of the thugs or the gambling.

  • Think Positive

    Throw them in the Lion pit, where they belong. There is no place for them in a society where people already struggling to survive. They are useless. Please get them out of society for good. Thank you.

  • Truth hurts I know

    Well here we go again ! the MINORITIES….. The MAJORITY of Stabbings, thuggery, assault, violence in NEPA, and the rest of the USA, not a racist, just stating the facts ! White Bums are no better

  • David J. Bauman

    Hey, WNEP, the wisest and best thing you can do here is to disable all comments on your news stories. The faceless, fake-name commentary only serves to make your otherwise good reporting look a bit hokey and unprofessional.

  • Ban Assault Objects

    Of course, they are under-privileged and misunderstood fellows, all. No doubt, they had gosh-darn-diddly good reasons for six dudes to attack and stab one person. Heck, I tend to float that way in Harrisburg traffic, myself. And, I am certain that the weapons used in this dreadful act were legally obtained and duly registered.

    If it’s not a handgun, bad people will use anything to commit violence. Not that anyone was ever injured or killed by a baseball bat, ball-peen-hammer, garrote, machete, poison, or piano wire. Absolutely. People don’t kill. Inanimate objects do. Ban all assault objects.

  • The realistic guy

    For all you anti-gun idiots out there, here’s a big win for y’all. I guess the gun control laws worked, they couldn’t but a gun. Now you need to lobby for better knife control laws. Bed bath and beyond better start doing background checks before selling cutlery.

    • Ain't Nuthin' Like The Real Thang

      Right you are, Ken, and Bed, Bath, And Beyond Our Means also needs to really step up on whom they’re selling those whisks to, as well. In the right (or, wrong) hands, a whisk can be disastrous.

  • Shameekwua

    Let’s see…Dyshawn Mack is a trial lawyer…Tyrone Wilkins is a surgeon, and Shavelle Mills is a CFO with a masters in accounting!

    • Mi

      Hey Dyshawn! You’re damn right ” Justice did Speak when your behind got back to Jail and all i gotta say is that Kharma is a real B***h so ha ha the jokes on you.

    • AM Joy Fan

      Have you ever considered the fact that systematic discrimination and institutional racism are the catalyst behind these incidents? #BLM

      • Tyler

        You are so wrong. This has nothing to do with racism. It has to due with lazy welfare scum needing more money for rock n newports

      • mopar driver

        These six pieces of crap are not “victims” of anything but themselves , You can plainly see their choice not to work and promote drugs and violence for their own gain is against the good of all , especially black folk . Now just hope the Judge sees to eject them from society for 20 years each .

      • Ain't Nuthin' Like The Real Thang

        AM JOY FAN, have you ever considered that you’re a raving fooktard? Get off of your granny’s sofa, stop eating the corn chips and playing GTA, and get a fooking job that pays more than minimum wage, you deplorable specimen.

      • DinoB

        Affirmative action?? United Negro college fund?? Minority hiring quotas?? NAACP?? Need I go on? Discrimination my butt.

      • Truth hurts I know

        Attention MOPAR DRIVER: 20 years each ??? LOL ! Keep dreaming ! The prisons are out of room from ALL the Minoritites, who are the Majority inmates ! They got no places left for the steady flow of convicts coming in !

  • AM Joy Fan

    More violence based crime in the U.S. When will this end? Not only do we need to finally do something about guns, look at all of the lives in our area adversely impacted by knife crimes. In the UK they had a campaign of “Surrender your knife – Save a life”. It is high time we implement this here. But our “commander in chief” is too busy covering up his Russia collusion to care about public safety! #safestreets #Impeach45

    • Tyler

      Left wing nut job. No sane person is gonna give up there guns. The problem is too many mentally handicapped people are the ones using guns

      • AM Joy Fan

        This is about racism and oppression, not guns or knives. As renowned scholar Ward Churchill would observer, this is a case of “chickens coming home to roost”

      • Ain't Nuthin' Like The Real Thang

        I have ZERO compassion for people who make a conscious choice to do the wrong things. These bab00ns decided to do the WRONG thing. Over. Out.

    • mopar driver

      Hey wac job , The story is about six black thugs on a campus whose sole plan was criminal to the point of murder , Sick sad wastes of space is what they and you are .

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