Two Police Cars Crash After Chase in Schuylkill County

PALO ALTO -- A chase in Schuylkill County Wednesday caused two police cars to crash.

"Kind of surprised that two police cars actually hit each other," J.J. Tire and Towing employee Dan Kievman said. "That's unusual."

State troopers said this crash happened as they were chasing Michael Flickinger, 42, of Port Carbon who they were trying to pull over for driving with a suspended license.

"There was fire police, there was fire engines, police cars, it looked like a war zone," Leroy Guldin of Palo Alto said. "The whole road was blocked down."

The crash happened at the corner of West Bacon and Howard Streets in Palo Alto. According to arrest papers, the chase began after a state trooper pulled over Flickinger near Schuylkill Haven. Troopers said the crash happened after the Palo Alto police officer tried to block the road so that the chase suspect couldn't get through.

"The bad guy got around him," Trooper David Beohm said. "When he was backing out of the way, the trooper car came around and hit the Palo Alto car, glanced off of it, and then went and hit a pole."

Neither officer was hurt in the crash. Flickinger was caught in Pottsville about 12 hours later. State police say the crash could have been avoided if the suspect would have stopped when he was pulled over.

"Take your lumps, whatever it may be," Trooper Beohm said. "Some people run for the silliest of reasons. Take your lumps and move on because you could be killed or you could hurt other people. I never understand why people take off when we turn lights and sirens on."

Flickinger faces nearly a 20 charges from the chase, including reckless and careless driving and fleeing to elude an officer.


  • Fredric

    Let’s step back a second. Recently a U. S. MARSHALL was killed, another critically wounded and a third hospitalized serving a warrant of unknown content on a suspect allegedly involved in the Frein case. This silenced a lot of information which should have surfaced on the mandatory retrial such as why Frein had to receive medical care for treatment while handcuffed in custody of PA troopers.

    Now we have two cruisers wrecked, albeit repairably, reportedly in a car chase with troopers.

    This could be the same cover tactic used by uniformed services everywhere. Remember the year are the only one with the microphone. We never hear the other side of the story.

  • Fredric

    Keystones at work!! Two with 300+ HP all wheel drive, directional control, anti lock brakes etc chasing one bad guy. Then the tough guy the media!

    Should we remind everyone how these “heroes” can slither to the magistrate in the office even on a Sunday and MAIL the complaint to the accused?

    Meanwhile civilians, their lives, children and property, are endangered.

    Bad cops—No Doughnut

    Ms. J. Albert, by line author, you do a poor imitation of a cheerleader here.

  • Freckleberry

    Blue Mountain is a really nice area. Really successful people live here. I think it’s like living in Beverly Hills. This is so great cause football season is right around the corner! I love it here!

  • mopar driver

    The Crash could have been avoided if the police were not doing dangerous and stupid moves , I wouldn’t put this on the driver who GOT AWAY , Bad cop(s) no doughnuts !!!

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