‘Heartbreaking and disgusting’ – Students Open Up about School Shootings

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KINGSLEY -- Another mass shooting involving a school in the United States has had a ripple effect that can be felt nationwide, including Susquehanna County.

That's where Newswatch 16 sat down with a group of high school students to get their thoughts on that catastrophic day.

Many flags across the country are at half-staff following that deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

At Mountain View High School in Susquehanna County, the school district's main message to students has been consistent.

"We tell the students, 'if you see something, say something.' If they see something on social media, they need to speak up. We think parent education is also a pretty important component and community education," said Mountain View Superintendent Karen Voigt.

Newswatch 16 spoke with a group of students to get their reaction on yet another mass shooting at a school in the United States.

"It's just so heartbreaking and disgusting that something that awful can happen to someone our age and their life can end before it's barely even started. It's just such a tragic event and I hope that we can do everything we can to make sure it doesn't happen to any more schools," said junior Lily Virbitsky.

"I was just in absolute shock as to what was happening. I couldn't imagine being in that situation and having to deal with watching everything happen and not being able to do anything about it," sophomore Katie Tracy said.

Students say the mood in school was just a little off.

"It was like a normal day but you could still tell that it was still on kids' minds that something that big happened the day before," sophomore Matt Dougherty said

Each grade gathered in the auditorium to meet with the school's principal while counselors were on hand.

"It was really quiet and everyone actually listened. They told us all the ways that we are protected here with cameras and the doors are always locked. They were trying to let us know that we are safe," senior Erika Freely said.

Students said they feel safe coming to school, but there is a feeling of uneasiness.

"With this all going on, I do get the chills because it is still scary, but our school is very, very protective over our students," freshman Reagan White said.

Voigt told us that when she was in school, the main drill that was conducted was a fire drill. Now, schools across the country are taking proactive measures to prepare for mass shootings.


  • Melissa

    This disgusts me that it seems like they are blaming Nicholas Cruz’s mental health, why was he allowed to buy a gun then. If he was capable of shooting innocent people then he should get the death pentaly. It’s not safe for our children to go to school because somebody isn’t doing their job of keeping them safe.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    These kids have no clue about the magnitude of these types of situations.

    Easily led with biased questions by reporters for a desired outcome. Here, there, and everywhere.

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