Police Investigating Shots Fired in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- Police are investigating reports of shots fired in Scranton.

Officers were called to the area of Prospect Avenue and Fig Street just before 11 p.m. Saturday.

They spent hours inside a home.

Scranton police will not say if anyone was hit or if anyone is in custody.


  • Dave M

    I used to love going to the globe store back in the day and going to see Santa on the 5th floor he told me I would shoot my eye out with that kid, now I don’t leave home without it!
    Fact of life now!

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      Wilkes-barre by far. As far as ghetto-thuggery is concerned.

      Political corruption may be close. Possibly higher in Scranton because there’s more money there.

    • Roflmao

      Isn’t that like asking what is worse, the Bronx or Brooklyn? We could name it New Troit. But, I’m open to compromise on that.

  • TeeVee

    Check out the roofs of the houses. Where you find 3 or more satellite dishes on one roof is where you’ll find the scum.

  • The realistic guy

    Three words. Sister Adrian Barrett!!!! Yeah…i blame her for the demise of scranton/ Wilkes Barre. I grew up a few blocks away from fig street, it was a great neighborhood to live in…not anymore! What was once a peaceful quiet place is now a cesspool. What was once a mostly Italian neighborhood is now mostly black, Mexican, rican… ( twice shy ) you said scranton is turning into Harlem, you’re right…its because the sister brought Harlem to scranton! Hey, I have a beautiful rose garden on my property, i have the best soil, fertilized, plenty of sun and water. So I think I will transplant goldenrod, ragweed and dandelion from the side of a road to give them a better place to grow. In a couple years all I’ll have is a weed garden. That’s exactly what the bleeding heart liberal do gooder has done here. I been out of there 20+ years , smart move huh?

  • Twice shy

    Scranton is turning into HARLEM!!!! I’ve lived her for 3 years now. I’m moving in March! Getting out!! Thank God!!! Couldn’t be happier!! And I’m taking a major loss on my house! But don’t care! If you own a house in Scranton and try and sell it,, YOU WILL LOSE ALOT OF MONEY!!! But in the long run… You’ll be outta here!!!

  • Sheila

    So thankful moved out of Scranton on 2011, don’t miss it at all! Very shady place! Not safe! And loaded with criminals!! If you have the opportunity to get out of Scranton,, do it!!! Do it now!! It’s going to be a full blown ghetto rather shortly!!

  • Gary k

    I gotta say Scranton is most definitely thee worst place to live in Lackawanna county!! And it’s getting worse between the taxes and crime and gangs! Almost daily news Worthy reports!! Complete slum ghetto! And in a few short years there won’t even be schools there , Scranton is on its way to bankruptcy!! It’ll all be section 8! It’ll be Camden pa!!

  • Jojo

    Must be something in the water ,,,Scranton is the reason aliens won’t come here,,, What a fine bunch of classy people!! Scranton is being run by gangs! Trash!

  • Nina 77

    Scranton is a disaster, why would anyone want to live there, what a ghetto!!! It’s the worst in lack co. Absolutely disgraceful!!!!

  • Charlie

    What a disgusting rathole Scranton is.. between bankruptcy and crime and gangs it’s the new Detroit… I avoid Scranton at all times. It’s a cesspool always on the news about crime… such a bad disgusting dangerous place, I won’t even drive through there, don’t Wana get shot up by thoes Boyz in da hood

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