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5-year-old Girl’s Eagles Casts Bring Good Luck

DUNMORE -- 5-year-old Eagles fan Sabrina Thomas of Dunmore suffers from osteogenesis imperfecta, also known as brittle bone disease.

In January, Thomas had surgery to have rods put in her legs to help stabilize her bones. She requested the colors of her casts to be green and black, the colors of her favorite football team.

Doctors at Dupont Hospital in Delaware were able to take care of that, but they also added a little stylistic flavor by including Eagles logos on them.

"She was only expecting to see the black and green casts, so when she saw that they put the Eagles logos on her casts, she was surprised," said her grandmother Denise Walton.

Sabrina, who also has dwarfism, had the surgery in the midst of the Eagles magical playoff run. And as she sported the Eagles-themed casts, the team just kept winning.

"I just feel that once they put these on her, that she just sat there and watched them, and they won the Super Bowl. When she found out that they won, she was all ecstatic and everything. I think she gave them a good luck charm," Walton said.

Sabrina was diagnosed with O.I. while her mother was five months pregnant. At the time, doctors recommended that the pregnancy be terminated. Because of that, the family says that little Sabrina is a miracle baby.

"They told us that she may or may not survive. She came out screaming and from there on, she's been determined to do what she wants. She's been ongoing," Walton added.

And Sabrina says that if she had one wish in the world, it would be to meet the Super Bowl LII champion Philadelphia Eagles.


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      She’s 5 and has a disease where they didn’t think she would even survive. Plus she has dwarfism on top of it. She has more challenges than most so why the rude comment? Look how happy she is. That’s what’s most important, don’t you think so?

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      Keep in mind you’re talking about a 5 yr old child. I say whatever makes her happy. I personally don’t believe in luck but if it makes Sabrina happy that’s all that matters.

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