Animal Rescue Seeks Help with Valentines

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP -- Valentine's Day is right around the corner and an animal rescue near Selinsgrove wants you to be their valentine. The nonprofit is matching people up with their animals while getting donations at the same time.

Ashburn's Animals nonprofit is an animal rescue that takes in all kinds of animals except for dogs and cats.

"Everything from horses and llamas and donkeys to the crazy reptiles," Janel Ashburn said.

Taking care of more than 50 animals costs a lot of money. Ashburn's Animals holds fundraisers throughout the year, such as petting zoos.

But this year, owner Janel Ashburn and her volunteers wanted to try something different. Since the animals are sweet and loving, why not send them valentines?

"You send them a valentine with a donation of your choice and you will get a valentine back from that animal along with an autograph," Ashburn explained.

The autograph is a paw or hoof print. Some of the animals have already gotten valentines.

"We had a cow receive a valentine, one of our ponies. We had an emu, as well as one of our alpacas, all receive a valentine."

All the money raised goes right back to the animals.

"This goes to everything. Nobody here receives any money, any type of salary or compensation. It is 100 percent volunteer-driven," Ashburn added.

Meet some of the residents of Ashburn's Animals here.

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