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Snowy Conditions Lead to Rollover Crash in Luzerne County

LAFLIN -- A crash in Luzerne County may have been aided by the slippery conditions Sunday afternoon.

While traveling on 81 South, a driver said she was cut off which resulted in her car spinning out of control.

The car then flipped over and ended up on its roof.

The driver did not suffer any injuries following the crash in Laflin.


  • trucker

    I remember when Ridge was governor I was constantly using windshield washer fluid to clear the salt spray.
    Thanks to Tom Wolfe now a gallon of fluid lasts for years.

    • Broke in the poconos

      But if you hijack the money and send it to Philly, you can serve more people with it… You can also buy more votes that way.

    • 😊

      Yes driver error is a big issue. But, people need to slow down and not tailgate when the roads are slippery. I also think road conditions are a big cause of accidents not just human error. You don’t have to be flying and driving like a maniac to slip and slide. I was out with my husband and children and we slid and he was driving easy. So road conditions do contribute to accidents.

    • The Entitlement generation

      Starting in 2019, people that whine about PennDOT plowing will be issued their own personal plow truck and driver. They will be required to pay for and maintain the truck and house and feed the driver, but will be guaranteed that the road before them will be cleared. Grow a set, punk. It’s winter in PA, it snows and sometimes it gets on the roads. Here’s a tip – they make these neat things to put on your car to help you get around in the winter-they’re called ‘snow tires’.

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