Troopers Seeking Horses to Join Their Ranks

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DUNMORE -- The state police are looking for a few good horses.

Troopers are hoping that horse owners will donate some of the four-legged animals to help them on patrols.

At the barracks in Dunmore, Trooper Mark Keyes says horse donations would be very helpful for the state police force.

"When they first hear that animals work for the state police, they think of the canines that we use and horses are essential because they give us a unique resource out in the field," said Tpr. Keyes.

State police are not horsing around when they talk about how important horses are in assisting them.

Tpr. Keyes says horses are able to get through remote areas during searches and rescue missions.

State police are asking for horses between 5 and 15 years old and 16 hands tall or about 5 foot 4 inches. That would give police officers the height advantage when they are in large crowds.

"Once a trooper gets on top of a horse at a concert or demonstration, they can see on top of the crowds better," Tpr. Keyes explained.

Reeney Holevinski at Easy Street Stables in Jefferson Township has been handling horses for years. She says horses have heightened senses which would help police officers out in the field.

"If you were looking for someone who may have been lost, they could cover a lot more ground than a human can and you're at a higher vantage point for them to see," said Holevinski.

State police officials say they aren't really looking for thoroughbreds.

Horses that are donated will have to be examined and go through testing.



    Seeing over a crowd better.
    Cover more ground faster.
    Instead of horses
    How about Drones
    Gee we never thought of that.

  • Fredric

    Let’s see. Each trooper makes $100,000+ in 3rd year including O. T. not including benefits and more training and not having to show up at trial when they give you a citation. Now the police want you to give the Commonwealth,multi billion dollar business, a $50,000 prized member of your family.

    There’s a reason equine units where disbanded. They are not cost effective. If they park a car for a week, there is no additional cost as the vehicle was paid for before delivery. Horses are mammals requiring daily care, grooming, feeding and medical care.
    They are also very vulnerable to attack in the crowd control situations quoted.

    The new killing drugs can kill a horse faster and more efficiently than bullets.

  • Bill K.

    So who is going to clean up the horse excrement left laying on the city streets? Oh let me guess….NO ONE. Yet we have laws about cleaning up after our pets when we take them for walks.

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