Police Warn of Person Impersonating an Officer

WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP — Authorities are warning residents about a person pretending to be a police officer in Luzerne County.

Wilkes-Barre Township Police believe the person is driving a 2011 Ford Taurus sedan with a Pennsylvania vanity license plate with police emblems, tinted windows, black rims, and white and amber flashing lights.

Officers say all police vehicles must have at least one red flashing light.

Wilkes-Barre Township Police shared the following tips to stay safe if you aren’t sure if you are being pulled over by an actual officer:

  • Reduce your speed, move to the right lane if you are on a multi-lane road, and turn on your hazard lights and interior lights to let the officer know you acknowledge you are being asked to stop.
  • Call 911 before you pull over. Give them your location and your vehicle information. Ask them to confirm if you are being stopped by an actual police officer. Do not pull over until 911 has confirmed an actual police officer is behind you.
  • If you don’t have a cell phone or cell service, continue driving to a nearby public area that is well-lit with people around.
  • After you stop, lock your doors and open your window 1 inch.
  • If the person who stopped you is not wearing a uniform, ask them to see identification or a badge and request they call for a marked patrol vehicle or uniformed officer come to your location.
  • Do not get out of your car or give any documents to anyone who has not provided ID. Keep your hands on your steering wheel and politely explain you will comply as soon as a uniformed officer arrives to ensure your safety.


  • Debra Welikonich

    I’m not pulling over period! I will call 911 and go to the nearest safe place! WTH ! Why would you tell them to pull over and roll the window down 1 inch! you could have a bullet in your brain!

  • angry

    This is why unmarked cars should not be allowed to make traffic stops!!!! Are you listening Harrisburg put the leash on the dogs!

  • Fredric

    Let’s also remind the public, national reports show, this very response of lowering your window only an inch and displaying and not surrendering your documents will anger trooper. They might retaliate severely. You could be physically hauled from your vehicle and your car torn apart while you are tested for alcohol and substance possession. You better have a good insurance coverage. And don’t expect even an apology or repair.

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