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Philadelphia Boston Market Becomes ‘Philly Market’ In Honor Of Eagles

NORTHEAST PHILADELPHIA — A big part of the Eagles success has been the fans, and they’ve been showing their support in so many ways.

But even some Philadelphia area businesses are jumping on the bandwagon as of late.

An Eagles fan posted a photo of the temporary “re-branding” to Twitter on Sunday saying, “Yeah, I’ll have a half chicken platter with a side of… Go biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirds!”

On Sunday, several Philadelphia Boston Market locations changed their name to became ‘Philly Market’ in an effort to distance themselves from New England in honor of the Birds.

What does Boston Market corporate think of the re-branding?  They appear to be just fine with it.

“We at Boston Market fully support the passion, enthusiasm and hometown pride demonstrated by our team members in Philadelphia,” a spokesperson told

“At the end of the day,” the spokesperson said, “we just hope there’s only one bird that everyone in Philly, Boston and across the country can agree on – farm fresh, never frozen and naturally delicious rotisserie chicken.”


      • Lance

        Really ? Changing store names for a football team is necessary for fans? Sounds like you have personal knowledge of butt hurts getting that stick out every day. Maybe its That crisco spread on light poles in philly that makes it easier for your daily insert

  • Cowboy

    Another NFL supporter for the kneelers. Some people just don’t learn.
    If your food is good, people will come.
    If you support the nfl, a veteran will not come.


    I wouldn’t want that company supporting my town. The food is subpar, portion sized is small and way overpriced. But im sure many of you from NEPA probably never ate at one.

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