Flames Force 12 from Apartment Building in Pottsville

POTTSVILLE -- A dozen people are without a place to stay after flames tore through an apartment building in Schuylkill County.

The fire sparked around 9:30 a.m. Sunday along West Market Street in Pottsville.

Fire officials said six apartments were affected. The building is not a total loss.

"When we arrived on scene, we had heavy smoke push out the back of the structure. It's the right time of day, right day of the week for us to have a lot of personnel available which is great to be able to stop this fire from being worse," said Assistant Chief Jason Witmier, Pottsville Fire Department.

No one was hurt.

The American Red Cross is assisting all 12 people who were affected by the fire.

The cause of the fire is under investigation. Officials do not believe it is suspicious.


  • speak 'n' spell

    Well, this is what happens when people hold vigils to mark the Million Harpy March. Too many candles in a rat-trap structure. Never a good idea


    here we go again! another fire in the skook. What is this 100 fires since Halloween. But hey every day is Halloween here just look at the people who roam the back alleys. They should make the entire county centralia.

  • Concernedschuylkillcountyviewer

    I would like to hear more reports from wnep regarding the demolition of the Schuylkill Mall. This may be a catalyst to the ultimate demise of this sunken area. Lots of people are concerned about this demolition for the safety of I-81 exit ramp tent-city residents and/or roamers that be beating feet locally.

    • WAYNE S

      The skook mall was dead since they couldn’t support a chickful-a 8 years ago, This was the beginning of the end, in almost every town in the united states including other depressed areas, there is 40 cars in the drive thru at Evening Rush at 600 pm. This strange area couldn’t even keep one profitable.

      • Beansoupsky

        We’re still getting that KFC in the mall parking lot whether the mall is there or not. This big doing has been the talk of town since 1992 and I’m tellin ya, it’s gotta happen butt. #skookhappens

  • 1992

    Whowould chooseto stay in that county!? I mean, I get it if you’re mentally ill (which 98% of skookle county is) or only graduated the fourth grade. The smart people get out. The rejects stay. Sad place.

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