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Woman Found Dead in Columbia County Home With No Heat or Water

CATAWISSA — According to the Columbia County Coroner, a 74-year-old woman was found dead in her home that had no operating heat or running water.

Judy Maurer died sometime last week as a result of heart failure due to hypothermia said the coroner.

Maurer was found by police after they were called for a welfare check by a mailman who noticed her mail was piling up.

Officials say the oil tanks were full but there was no indication Maurer had been running the heating system in the home.


  • Weikel

    Whatever happened w that story about a guy and his side chick ODing in front of some really small kids in Columbia county? Thought they were investigating that as a murder. Guess someone gave them a hot dose.

  • sick of fake news

    It is both sad and disturbing. No water? Was she unable to pay her water bill and it was shut off? If so, there needs to be some protection for people who are in financial distress before a necessity like water (or heat or electricity) is shut off. The utility companies should have some sort of obligation to notify a social service agency of the fact they are creating a possible life-endangering situation for the person by shutting off their utilities before doing so. I’m not talking about cable TV or high-speed broadband internet service. But when you see able-bodied younger adults getting food stamps, free cellphones, free healthcare all at the taxpayer expense it’s pretty disturbing there was no help for this elderly woman who likely was unable to work any longer.

    • There is help out there

      There is help available for utilities payments, and by law they cannot shut off ‘life threatening’ services in cold weather. There is also plenty of help for elders (meals on wheels, agency on aging, transportation) but some people aren’t aware or don’t take advantage of these things. She may have had dementia or was a recluse. Maybe she had no family. 74 is not that old these days, shame she went that way.

      • sick of fake news

        That’s what I’m saying. Maybe she needed help (which she pretty obviously did) but did not know what was available–unlike so many of those who seem to know every single gov’t program they can milk for all it’s worth and sustain themselves that way instead of getting a job. There are plenty of people getting food stamps, Medicaid, subsidized housing and all the rest of the ‘safety net’ who really should be working instead.

        This elderly woman legitimately needed some help. THAT is who I want my taxpayer $$$ to go to, not the teen mom on her third out-of-wedlock child because she couldn’t keep her legs closed for more than 30 minutes.

        It should be up to the utilities to contact social services before cutting someone off of a necessary service since not everyone knows what’s available because THEY have not made a career out of receiving gov’t handouts.

    • Call It

      Before you millennials start posting about how a senior just needs to die to make room for you, contemplate this: you may find yourself in need of help, one day. When that day comes, you’ll be facing someone that doesn’t care about you, either. Venerate your elders, for crissakes!

      Able bodied teenagers should not be paid by the State or Federal government to reproduce when they are, quite literally, unprepared on a social, emotional, financial, and spiritual level to raise healthy, well-adjusted children. It’s that simple. But, every aspect of that person’s life is paid for, by taxpayers, while senior citizens must beg and grovel like peasants for help that they, themselves, have paid into all of their lives via their income tax “contributions.” It’s obscene and it’s just plain wrong.

      • Nick

        As a millennial, I agree with you. Our elders deserve without a doubt the most respect, reverence, and care that our society can muster. I don’t want anybody to “grovel like peasants,” young or old, and I’m disturbed if my generation has given you that impression.

        This is why so many millennials support initiatives such as universal health coverage, permitting a basic standard of humane medical care accessible to every American. We support publicly-funded education to ensure the diversity of ideas and strong career paths for young people, allowing financial independence and a robust tax base. We support subsidized retraining for middle-aged adults whose livelihoods either have been made obsolete by technology and free trade, or have been determined to be too detrimental to the environment and general welfare. And we support comprehensive birth control, up to and including universal abortion access, so women have access to the science and resources allowing them to be prepared to raise their families when they are socially, emotionally, financially, and spiritually ready.

        We live in the greatest nation in the world and there’s never been a better time in history to be alive. Let’s take advantage of these opportunities, together, for the benefit of every American.

      • Oh

        But when they want an abortion because they know they cannot take care of the child we will protest that too. Unwanted children suffer.

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