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Danville Area School Board Decides to Keep Football Coaching Staff

DANVILLE -- School board members in Montour County decided Thursday night to keep its high school football coaching staff.

The special board meeting drew in dozens of students and community members from the Danville Area High School.

Many of those attendees told Newswatch 16 they came out to support the coaches, including head coach Jim Keiser, after rumors spread last week that Keiser had been fired.

The school board decided not to vote to open the coaching position and will instead continue to review the coaching staff.

"We're more than happy to do whatever they want us to do. But the support we got here tonight and our players this year, the support we've gotten is tremendous. It's very emotional," said Jim Keiser, Danville Area Head Football Coach.

In a statement released Thursday night, the board says it recommends hosting an open forum among the coaches, players and staff to discuss concerns and the direction of the program.


  • Roflmao

    Well now that this is settled, raise the dam taxes and move on to something really important!! Like raising taxes!! Stupid friggen school board don’t even know what their supposed to do! Raise taxes retards!


    This high school Football development makes tv news and most us markets no one would care. But it is big news, in a crooked state that has 500 school districts for 67 counties. It is called non-Lean government here. Most states in america have countywide school districts. And here for some odd reason they only care about high school football; where d3 competition is a reach for many players. they need to keep the nepotism in place i guess.

    • Abracadabra! Money Goes POOF!

      Follow the money. School administrators make a HUGE salary in any State, but PA has a pretty nifty scam going. Currently, the average salary of an Administrator runs around 160K. The statewide average to educate ONE CHILD, per year, runs around 18K which is DOUBLE from as recent as 2000. Now, factor in Special Education costs, per child, per year, makes for a neat and tidy waste of taxpayers’ contributions.

      If any taxpayer is interested, they can view the figures, salaries, expenditures, and special services for any district and ANY public school employee, simply by visiting Open P A Dot Gov, read it, and weep. The sums are valid through 2016 and do not reflect the most recent fiscal accounting.

      “ABRACADABRA!!!!” Wave a wand and the money goes, “POOF!”

      • WAYNE S

        Schuylkill county got 14 school districts and 14 supers making 90k plus for a 2018 county population of 137,500. That is highway robbery. The weirdest being Saint Clair they didnt have a high school for 30 years and the super made close to 90 k a year!!! What is he managing a small elementary school with 150 students. St clair could hardly support a little league these days!

      • Teach

        Let’s face it. These people in NEPA, and especially Schuylkill County, have no idea how to handle money. They are most concerned with the cutest butts in youth sports uniforms. Sick people

  • Oh thank goodness

    Oh thank goodness they finally got this resolved. You know, after something like this happens it tends to put things in perspective. Trivial things like homelessness, child abuse, the drug epidemic, shootings, North Korea, and ISIS seem like small things compared to this. Well done Danville, lead by example.

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