Danville Football Coaching Position Uncertain

DANVILLE -- Officials with the Danville Area School District say they are considering opening the high school's head football coaching position.

Stories began swirling on social media earlier this week that the district had decided not to bring back head coach Jim Keiser.

Danville's superintendent and school board president opened up about the situation on Friday.

In a news release, officials admit the school board reviewed the football program.

The district plans to discuss Coach Keiser's future at a special meeting on Thursday.

Keiser has been Danville's coach since 2009.

The Ironmen have won 67% of their games since he's been the coach.

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  • Duck season - wabbit season

    He’s fired. No he isn’t. No, he’s fired. No, he isn’t. Okay, we’re considering firing him. No you’re not. Keep getting your ‘news’ from Farcebook WNEP, you’re doing wonders for the credibility of MSM.

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