Registration Fee Coming in Lackawanna County?

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- Over the last few years, the number of counties in Pennsylvania to implement per-vehicle registration fees has grown rapidly. Lackawanna County could be next, with a vote coming in about two weeks.

Lackawanna County might be the next county to be hit with a vehicle registration fee. County commissioners will vote on a $5 per-vehicle charge on January 24. The fee has already been implemented in 20 other counties across the state.

This may leave many wondering where exactly the funds go.

"What would happen with this program is that the local county governments would submit to us a list of the bridges or the projects that they would work on if they implemented this fee. Once it is approved, we would have a 50 percent match to the money that they're able to raise from the local county governments," PennDOT official James May explained. "Those moneys will then have to be used for the projects that they listed."

County engineers say this would provide a direct line of payment into roads and bridges that need to be fixed, which could help those projects get done faster.

"It's definitely a means to move things forward, especially with the bridge work. Right now, we've been looking for funding and we suggested to the county that this is a means for funding that without raising taxes," said Gary Cavill, vice president of Greenman Pederson, Inc.

Joseph Grasso of Northeast Title and Tag has seen the implementation of this fee spread rapidly. It deals with state registration fees and has noticed counties adding their own.

If it is approved in Lackawanna County, it could further affect some of the company's other locations

"For our 11 locations, the counties that would be affected would be Schuylkill, Lehigh Valley, Pocono, Stroudsburg, East Stroudsburg, and then Pike County which would be our Honesdale location," Grasso said.

And for one driver, this is yet another fee. He's skeptical about the idea.

"Seems good in theory. There's a lot of construction going on anyway. What about the gas tax? Aren't we seeing that money being taken from us? It just seems like more and more," Jesse Fadarishan said.

If this fee is implemented, those funds would go to both state and local roads.


  • Joseph Scopelliti

    I WILL BE glad to pay $5 fee if they take that stupid vehicle emission test off i have a brand new car and i have to get it inspected every year for that , is ridiculous this was once up for vote but i guess the politicians got there kick back and dropped the bill.

  • Just Passin Through

    Good luck trying to sell your home if you want to move out of Good ole Lackawanna County, PA! Ain’t nobody that wants to move here!!

  • Random internet user

    Next time I hit a pothole and bend my wheel, I expect full reimbursement for the damages, now that we will have this lovely fee that’s supposed to directly fund the road maintenance.

  • Smokey the Dopey

    Ahh yes, good ol’ Lackawanna county keeps penetrating it’s citizens. So whose pockets are the new funds going to go in instead of actually going to “the cause”? I’m sure that will be monitored, LOL!!!!

  • Dave

    Think about this !
    Back in 1900 or so, All the roads and bridges were built, sewers were put underground, and pole lines were installed….ALL AT ONCE. How come all this work be affordable back then, yet now it cost so much just to maintain ?

    • Supporter of America

      Back then people were willing to work and not worried about what happened on Facebook or that “I wasn’t hired to run a shovel, operate a machine, etc, etc.” PennDot I’m sure has the highest rate among all State employees for filing Union grievances because they were asked to do something they felt they shouldn’t have to do or felt they weren’t properly compensated for doing that work. The days of being thankful you have a job to put food on the table are gone, at least for many. We, people, are own biggest enemy.

  • RT

    Problem here is, This State is always looking to pass the burden on it’s people, and not holding it’s agencies and their management responsible for fail. I think its become the norm here in Pennsylvania, and that is truly sad, but we as a people let it happen. It’s ridiculous that any county is ok with this. Any County Leader who voted or votes yes to this needs to be removed from office they aren’t voting in the name or interest of the people they are elected to represent, and lets face it they know a hell of alot more about the problems within Penn Dot then we as a public do. Penn Dot Needs to be held completely accountable for their spending, and the services they are there to provide. We are faced with Higher Registration Fees, High Gas Tax, Higher Service Fees, each year More,and More Money from our pockets to drive on Deplorable roads and Bridges all across this state. Lets look at the surface of Penn Dot Inside Hiring of Independent Contractors to double billing, and overcharge the tax payers for work Penn Dot itself should be doing. How many White Hats per temp employee are we at now ? Decades of money mismanagement, nepotism, and corruption in this Department led to the conditions of it and our roads of today, They don’t want the public to know the insides of this beast, and how it lives. Ask yourself what do you really know about Penn Dot ? It works on roads, and it fixed broken bridges, oh yea it plows my road. Well there is a lot more to this beast then just that, its time to demand to see the internal workings of this beast, The tax payers, and drivers have done far enough for this agency, it’s time we Demand for a internal audit, and a full investigation of Penn Dot.

  • Heading South

    Gotta love that coal patch they fill potholes with in good ole PA. Cheap and effective solution! More money in the pockets!! Who do they think they’re kidding!

  • Just passin through

    Considering the declining job market in this area, they best think twice about raising taxes on properties and imposing more taxes/fees on properties and people! Or very soon there will be NO properties or people left to impose taxes upon, and/or STEAL from!!

  • jim nedo

    Unbelievable….this vote is a done deal…its coming…why bother with a vote? no one on the committee will even fight this…if im looking at this right, there are three people on this committee…Laureen Cummings, supposedly a republican, Jerry Notarianni who is a democrat, and Patrick O’Malley, a flip flopper between the two parties, now a Democrat….so that seals the deal…no way this TAX wont pass…and these people are for all intensive purposes are unaffected by it…so what the heck do they care? this is what you get with Democrats in elected seats….a lighter wallet year after year…

  • Ellen M Evers

    I thought the reason for raising fuel tax was for the roads and bridges. I bet with that $5.00 charge will give the big shots a pay raise too

    • Roflmao

      Now that we have secured the 5 dollar tax dedicated for roads, we can free up the road fund in the current budget for the general fund. OR! Gents we can share the wealth and celebrate our cunning with a raise. DUHHHHHHHHHHHH…what you think is gonna happen!

  • Bobby

    Too many hands in the pot they steal from us now time to add some more fees to enrich the politicians some more.

  • Harrisburg Hog

    Come on, folks. Have a little compassion. The cost of kickbacks on these road projects keeps rising along with everything else.

  • Excavator

    How about they cut the waste first then see if you need that extra money. There’s no reason for it to take 5 years to replace a small bridge on a two Lane back road but they seem to think they need an engineering study for everything. Don’t they save the plans and blueprints from all the other bridge’s they’ve replaced

      • Good ole Corrupt Lackawanna PA

        Favor jobs and politicians raises is where it’s going! They have lots of common sense when it comes to stealing from the people!

  • Jd

    Um, what’s the difference between increasing present taxes and creating a new tax? Call it what you want. In other words ” we aren’t increasing taxes, we’re just creating a new one” btw, where’s this vote going to be held? What time, and who gets to vote?

  • Jimmyc

    Yeah! Great! Because it’s not enough now! Everything else is “going up” from watching TV, to insurance, to gas! Everybody has their hand in your pockets anymore!! And believe me, the roads won’t get fixed!!! Always a scam in our state!!! Getting harder and harder to survive for the working man anymore! No breaks!!

    • Disgusted Tax Payer

      Everything except ones wages! ALOT of people can’t even afford television anymore! Forget about owning anything when you retire, or should I say if you can retire! Where will it END!

    • Ellen M Evers

      Gas tax in Pennsylvania is higher than any other state. The political parties need a pay raise that’s where the monies are going to go, right in their pockets.

  • Andy

    What about all the out of state traffic? They damage our roads and bridges too. Put a $1 toll on interstate 81 between Wilkes Barre and Clarks Summit.

  • Supporter of America

    Whether you call it a registration fee, impact fee, etc.; it is a TAX on anybody that owns a vehicle. Seeing how much money the State wastes firsthand and PennDot being a significant portion of that waste, this is all just going to be wasted money to line the pockets of vendors, the politicians with “legal” kickbacks, and workers that know how to “milk” the system.

    • Good ole Corrupt Lackawanna PA

      Money surely doesn’t go to the poor winter temps. That they hire part time to keep the roads clean of snow and risk their lives in every snow storm to keep everyone safe!! They won’t even give these poor men a full time job or benefits for their families!! Beyond disgusting!! Keep stuffing it in their pockets they can’t find anyone to take care of the roads in the winter!! Sickening!!

  • Jayboneski

    Only 5? Why not 55? The people of lack of wanna county can afford it, plus the poor mayor works his butt off at 10-15 hours per week and has to live on 90,000/yr. … all city and county employees deserve big raises. After all, without them we might not have sunshine. Lol

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