Three Charged in Alleged Theft of Drugs from Ambulance

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UPDATE (March 13, 2018): Charges have been withdrawn against Kathleen Knecht after the district attorney's office determined there not enough evidence to convict her.

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HONESDALE, Pa. -- Honesdale police accuse three people of stealing drugs from a Commonwealth Health Ambulance back in November, and now, they face charges.

Officers were called to the Texas 4 Fire Station on November 25 where it was reported that a bag of pills was taken from that ambulance assigned to Kathleen Knecht.

Police say Knecht was in on the theft and arranged for the other two suspects to take the medications.

“That's a shame,” said John Herringer from Tafton. “You depend on these people. It's a shame to have somebody like that take advantage of the system and then use it for their own means.”

Police say they recovered the drugs from Heather Widzbell's vehicle that was found parked at Central Park in the borough.

Widzbell and a third person, Jason Mizwinski, were placed under arrest.

Along with theft charges, all three are also charged with reckless endangerment of another person since those medications were meant for people in an emergency.

“That's irresponsible,” said Kathy Dodge of Honesdale. “That's awful.”

Some say they're tired of hearing about people abusing their positions.

“Well, there's nurses that get arrested and doctors that get arrested that are on drugs, too. There's even bad cops. There's bad people all over the place,” said Gail Meyers of Honesdale. “It's so bad with all these drugs today. It's just so bad.”

Investigators say Knecht would tip off Widzbell as to where the ambulance would be, where the drugs would be, and when to take them.

At Knecht's home in Lake Ariel, the man answering the door had no comment.

A spokesperson for Commonwealth Health would only say that they are fully cooperating with law enforcement officials.


  • Mrmedic

    The truth will come out in the long run. People plea bargain to save themselves. Those people will have to live with the fact that they ruined people’s lives for the rest of theirs. Widzbell is saving her own butt at the expense of others she called friends. This should tell you a lot about her character. My heart goes out to the families left behind in the aftermath of stupid decisions. She’ll end up in Muncy where it’s like a college campus and do this all over again when she gets out. Society will now foot the bill for her existence.

  • The Truth Shall Set You Free

    Mr. Knecht wouldn’t even let people come over of he thought they were into drugs. This is very hard to believe. The drugs were found on the other 2 people. These are blatant lies from all of you. Check the docket, she wasnt even arrested. Ive know that family my whole life, they have always helped people. Mr. Knecht has helped so many people. Works hard and takes good care of his family. I see him hobbling around outside all the time never stopping. You people will do anything you can to tear these people down like you’re so perfect. Innocent until proven guilty. I’m confident the truth will prevail. God Bless the Knecht family and I hope that these other two get the help they need and become better people.

  • Blah blah blah

    All these keyboard warriors. I bet you all pretend to be these people’s friends because not one of you has the balls to say this to any of their faces. You hide behind a fake name and talk garbage but I bet nobody will go tell Mr. Knecht what they really think of his family. Lol cowards.

  • Only here for the comments

    Seems like all these comments are against the only person who seems innocent to me… Widzbell was fired from that company and has always been a liar and vindictive. I don’t know the man but he looks like a winner. Unbiased opinion is that Heather was offered something in return to give out names. She gave the Knecht girls name because she just happened to be working on that ambulance. The other two actually took and used these drugs. What would Knecht gain by helping. Something doesn’t sound right here.

    • E

      Ha ha! Right all OF the time is what you mean. And they CARRY opoids. Another trailer park genius who can’t even spell or properly use grammar but thinks thry know something. Lol. If you’re so smart why are you poor and stuck in a burnt out coal slum? Ha ha ha!

  • Please Splain

    Okay. When I was a kid, if I did something that was wrong, my parents spanked me and I was made to feel badly about what I did. “Now, you think about what you did!” was what they’d say. I lost all of my privileges – telephone (yes, we only had ONE old-fashioned phone), television (before cable/satellite/internet), and I was “grounded” which meant that I stayed in my room, by myself, and became bored, lonely, and pissed off because of how mean my parents were.

    Instead of treating these people like fragile junkie snowflakes, they need to be caned and forced to clean public bathrooms for 2 years until they “get it” that doing the wrong thing comes with consequences. Instead of our society coddling these junkies and trying to soothe whatever hurts they have that “make them” into junkies, we need to place their actions on THEIR shoulders and toughen up, as a whole.

    Godalmighty, what a bunch of entitled greedy pansies we’ve produced.


      Exactly. If you blame parenting, it is on those who are complaining about them, because they’re the generation that raised these crazy kids! LOL. I’d also say (while anecdotal) that older generations also feel disgustingly entitled, and statistics show that as well when compared to younger generations.

      • Do The Eyeroll

        I blame the erosion of the family. 40 years ago, a parent could discipline a kid and not be fearful that the kid would run to a teacher and say, “I was sent to bed without supper,” and have Child Protective Services at the door, within hours, to inspect the living conditions of the home and interrogate the parents.

        No, you don’t beat a child. But, giving every kid a label or excuse (special needs & special education) because they’re active, creative, dreamers, or rambunctious does not teach consequences. It teaches excuses.

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