Keystone College to add football

Keystone College Director of Athletics Matt Grimaldi discussed the plan to add a football program for the first time since 1947.

"In this area football is built into the culture," said Grimaldi. "In Northeast Pennsylvania you drive around here on a Friday Night, you know better than anybody what it is. This is something with our President Dr. Coppola, he and I got here a couple of years ago and probably a discussion we had, this was a couple of years." His support then with the board of trustees is obviously and the local community has been valuable. It's been a long process here and it came to fruition with announcement yesterday that is great not just for Keystone College, but for the local community and you know better than anybody all the young men that play in the area this is going to be a great avenue for them to come colliegiate football and get a great education."

Steve Lloyd added.. "Obviously you need to recruit get a coach. Infrastructure is kind of big thing. Take me through the steps of getting this thing off the ground?'

"The number one thing from day one, the key to this is getting a Head Coach." replied Grimaldi Really, we just got the Ad out there, now it's going to be a National search. Your going to go through the whole process and it's going to be interviewing, getting the right candidates, getting everybody. We look to get a coach in place, by hopefully the first of March. The feedback that we've gotten just in a day or two, is about the excitement on campus, whether it's our other coaches, our coaches are excited about it.
The students, the faculty, staff, local community, you already see that buzz and we are obviously a year of two away from actually hitting the field."