Fuel Provider in Wyoming County Staying Busy, Meeting Demands Due to the Cold

TUNKHANNOCK - When you walk outside, you feel it. The temperatures this winter have been bitterly cold. The conditions have caused the demand for heating fuel to skyrocket.

Ace-Robbins, Inc. in Tunkhannock has been extremely busy.

"A lot of calls," fuel manager, Rory Greenley said. "Lots and lots of calls. Obviously the temperature has to do with it, compounding with the snow flurries that we're getting today. It makes things a little bit more difficult than just dealing with the cold."

Jay Travis has been working for Ace-Robbins for the last four years. He's noticed that this winter has been particularly busy.

"A lot heavier," Travis said when asked about the demand. "Especially since we got this really early December snap. That's strange. Normally you get hit mid-January, late February."

Travis estimates that recently, he's been making nearly 30 stops a day, all while putting in 10 hours each day. That includes some emergency deliveries. He estimates two or three crisis deliveries each day.

Ace-Robbins also has a few tips: Don't wait until the last minute to fill your tanks.  When your propane and oil tanks are a quarter full, call for a refill.

It also recommends that you keep your thermostat at 60 degrees or higher.


  • Ben Sanders

    How dare he charge for heating oil. Being warm is a human right and nobody should have to be charged money for that. He should be sickened by his acts. He should be going around and filling these tanks for free.

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