Teen Charged With Murdering His Family on New Year’s Eve

LONG BRANCH, N.J. — An unidentified 16-year-old boy has been charged with shooting and killing his mother, father, sister and a family friend minutes before midnight on New Year's Eve.

Neighbors told sister station WPIX that the boy struggled with mental illness.

The Kologi family lived in a red brick multifamily home on Wall Street in Long Branch, a beachfront town in New Jersey. When neighbors saw police outside last night, they assumed they were there to break up a party, but then they heard the gunshots.

"One boy had just a T-shirt on and no shoes," a neighbor, Joan Berg, said she saw several young men standing in her driveway, "what I thought was that they ran out of there."

"The police are running up with rifles and standing behind their cars," added Berg, "I’m thinking 'Oh my God what is going on?'"

Police took the 16-year-old into custody without incident. He is not being identified because he is a minor.

Steven Kologi, 44, and his wife Linda Kologi, 42, as well as their daughter, Brittany Kologi, 18, were all killed. Mary Schultz, 70, a family friend, was also murdered. The boy's grandfather, one of his brothers and a third person managed to slip out of the house and weren't hurt, according to the New York Daily News.

Friends of Brittany Kologi showed up to the scene on Monday night to leave flowers in her memory. They said they worked with her at a local ice cream store and they went to Long Branch High School together. They knew little about her brother, the alleged shooter.

"I only knew he was special needs," said Victoria Villanueva, Brittany's friend. "There was never an indication that there was ever a threat."

Police were called by someone who was in the home at around 11:43 p.m. Investigators say police had never been called to the house before.

The semi-automatic rifle the teen allegedly used to kill his family was legally owned and registered to someone in the home. He is facing four counts of murder and one count for the unlawful use of a weapon.

The teen was scheduled to make his first court appearance Tuesday in Monmouth County Superior Court, but it was pushed back until 11 a.m. after a media request to attend the hearing.

Monmouth County cases involving minors are kept confidential, but Prosecutor Christopher Gramiccioni said during a press conference Tuesday that his office is currently trying to move the case to the adult court system.


  • Psychos everywhere

    Show his face! i don’t care if he’s a minor…you do a crime you should be exposed! Mentally ill or not!

  • warningfakenews

    This opens up a lot of questions. Was he on meds? Was he taking them? What were they? Is violence against either one’s self or others a possible side-effect?

    Tough case to prosecute.

    • aww its not their fault

      Opens up alot of questions for sure! Too bad it opens no minds enough to answer those questions. The powers that be say the mentally ill aren’t violent. That people in the spectrum “disorders” aren’t violent. By the very fact that the word “disorder” precludes the lingo used to describe these people is the gorilla in the room. However, when someone commits these heinous acts then their mental illness and/or disorder is raised as a justifiable explanation for their actions?
      Criminals in general aren’t cited as being mentally ill but then the majority of the incarcerated are diagnosed with mental illness?!
      As for the meds? Some of them are helpful and not that bad as far as side effects, however, most of them are horrid and I swear people don’t read, don’t look up, don’t listen to the commercials when they list the side effects, or are just too damn lazy to bother to do any leg work about what these meds do the individuals taking them. Especially their kids? ALL the ADHD are meth and psychostimulant based. Mix those with a nice SSRI and a tranq and you got a cocktail for disaster. And these people live in our homes?!
      If you look at analytics in the general sense it doesn’t even make sense because criminals overall are not all diagnosed with any mental illness or you don’t find out they were until after the fact. Meds or not if they’re on them they don’t help. There is no magic pill to fix a tortured mind, and definitely NO magic pill to fix evil!
      The dinardo case is a good example..schizophrenics are “harmless,” until they concoct a plan to rob some guys, shoot them, and then burn them and bury them. SMH.

      • Oh my

        Easy, biscuit. There is no more information on this event than there was on the Harrisburg terrorist shooting.

      • learn something. anything.

        “Oh My”: In spite of your hoping and wishing, there was no terrorist event in Harrisburg. Sorry — ask the PSP. There have however been dozens and dozens of multi-death terrorist attacks in the last weeks by people with european names (like in Las Vegas) but you couldn’t give a hoot about that — doesn’t fit your Limbaugh/Fox narrative.

      • Dreama

        Most mental illnesses are hereditary I guess it’s time for sterilization laws to be passed people with histories of these illnesses in the family should not be reproducing

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