Frozen Pipes, Busted Boilers

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SCRANTON -- Cold weather is being blamed for a water leak that forced officials to condemn a restaurant in Scranton and for a rash of frozen pipes and broken furnaces.

Plumbers say they're just trying to keep up with it all.

The cold weather could be blamed for many big messes in the city of Scranton. We followed two plumbers who told us they've been working nonstop to resolve weather-related issues.

The after-Christmas rush is on at R.J. Walker Company in Scranton. The plumbing supply place on North Keyser Avenue has had a steady stream of plumbers getting supplies for the work they have ahead -- some for customers, some of it is personal.

"I have frozen pipes at my house. I'm waiting for the warm weather now so we can use our powder room sink again," said R.J. Walker employee Lenny Carlucci.

Carlucci left his frozen pipe at home to come to work. It's all hands on deck this week.

"Crazy, crazy busy, not only with frozen pipes but leaky boilers and leaky water heaters and such," he said.

A leaky boiler was Carlucci's next call at a home in the city's Green Ridge section. He says the furnace is likely overworked it'll be replaced within 24 hours. In the meantime, the homeowner needs to prevent frozen pipes.

"The best thing she can do is trickle water out of her faucets."

A frozen pipe was likely the culprit on Wyoming Avenue in Scranton. A leak between the first and second floors at Gyroz Club caused quite a bit of damage.

Firefighters and utility workers had trouble getting the water turned off. The valve was frozen, too.

Dave Perry knows frozen pipes all too well. While helping customers clean up all weekend, a pipe at one of his rental properties froze.

"Frozen pipes, trying to thaw out, get people water, my own tenants, unfortunately," Perry said.

The plumbers we talked to suggest trickling water from faucets overnight as the cold weather persists and if your pipes freeze, it's always best to call a professional.

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