Two Cars Collide in Parking Lot in Lackawanna County

SCRANTON -- A crash caused some damage in one part of Lackawanna County on Sunday.

Around 4 p.m., two vehicles collided along Luzerne Street in Scranton.

It happened in the parking lot of Portanova Body Shop.

One of the vehicles took out a sign and was wedged between two poles.

No one was injured and there is no word on what caused the crash.


  • Robert

    Meanwhile, Isis inspired Egyptians are shooting at police in Harrisburg. News story soon to follow, I’m sure!

    • That's Right, "You People"

      Well, Robert, you have to understand how much more dangerous and nefarious Assault Parking Lots are than militant, extremist Mooselims. And, since WNEP has not reported any such event in Harrisburg, it never happened. We all know this. I wish I could drip as much sarcasm from typed words as I can in verbal conversation.

      • Robert

        Whew! I feel a little better now, but how do I protect myself from these nefarious Lots? Should I get one? Is it even legal? I agree we need a Ban!

  • Ban Assault Parking Lots

    I am so grateful that this was reported. Having survived a parking lot fender-bender, I can say that I would recommend that all parties seek immediate trauma counseling to deal with the inevitable PTSD. Parking lots kill, folks, and this is something that we have really failed to recognize in our current year. Anyone who sees or knows about a killer parking lot should notify authorities, regardless of the race, creed, or location of that parking lot.

    It is time for citizens to contact our elected Officials to demand that all Assault Parking Lots be banned. This has gone on for far too long. All other parking lots should be duly registered with responsible lot owners and it is time to demand action.

    I can sleep better in 2018 knowing that the Portanova Body Shop parking lot is violent.

  • Franko

    And this is news? LOL — this is why people outside our area laugh at NEPA!
    Let’s see, hmmm, 4 in the morning, on New Years Eve, car drive into parking lot and signs, hmmm no brainer there, can we say maybe too much drinky drinky at a party?

    • Franko

      Well, my bad… It just looked over the story again and saw that it happened at 4pm… (maybe I partied too much last night, and that’s why I read the time wrong, lol) but still, how do you crash into a small parking lot?

      • That's Right, "You People"

        Franko, you have been warned about Assault Parking Lots. We, the people, have begged Congress to ban Assault Parking Lots, and to make lot owners responsible, and they feel that supporting and encouraging BLM and ANTIFA are more important than safeguarding the public against dangerous parking lots is much more important.

        ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, we also need to ban Assault Squirrels, apparently. (face palm) I need an aspirin.

  • Smh

    Why is this news? Because the crash happened in an auto body shop parking lot? Big deal, it’s no different than walking into the wall at the eye doctors.

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