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Pump Gas and Play the Lottery in the Poconos

POCONO TOWNSHIP -- People in the Poconos are hoping to ring in the New Year as millionaires.

Plenty of people stopped at the Mobile Station in Pocono Township to buy Powerball and Mega Millions tickets. Both have high jackpots.

"Oh wow, humongous! They have been pretty big these last few months. I hope, I hope it's a winner this time," said Demetrius Holder, Pocono Summit.

While most of us are used to buying tickets inside of the gas station, certain places are now allowing you to do it outside, right at the gas pump.

"It's cool, awesome, yes. It's much easier for the people. It's good technology to pump and also play," said Zack Lee, New Jersey.

The "pump and play" option not only prints our your numbers on a receipt, but it will also text your numbers right to your smartphone.

Some people say the technology takes a little getting used to, but believe it will save people time by doing two things at once.

"It's convenient. It's very convenient, you don't have to wait in line. From what I understand the numbers go right to my phone so I won't have to lug any paper around," said Holder.

While some people think it's convenient to be able to get your gas and hopefully win the lottery, some others thinks it's keeping people too long at the pump.

Nell Cadue from Reeders says gas station lines are long enough already and says she'll stick to buying her tickets inside.

"Well it's warmer in there for one thing. You're holding people up if you're out here so it's better to go inside," said Nell Cadue, Reeders.

You still must be 18 years or older to play at the pump.

Lottery drawings air on WNEP.


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