Big Rush to Buy Kielbasi Before New Year’s Day

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SHENANDOAH -- Two shops in Shenandoah prepare for New Year's kielbasi sales.

Wanda Newhouse and her husband traveled all the way from Harrisburg to Shenandoah for one thing.

"We came up to get some kielbasi," Newhouse said. "We were up before and we enjoyed it so much we came back."

They stopped at Lucky's Kielbasi Shop to pick up all their favorites for New Year's Day. The owners of the shop, David Lukashunas, and his wife, Janet, said they go through about 10,000 pounds of meat in just two weeks this time of year.

"The holidays have been crazy busy going through all the different products we have," David Lukashunas said. "We have about 40 different products. Snack sticks, all different kinds of kielbasi products."

Lucky's is not the only place to get kielbasi in Shenandoah. Kowalonek's is down the street and is just as busy.

"I just love the tradition of it all," Kowalonek's Kielbasy Shop Manager Jessica Hannis said. "I love the hustle and bustle. Some faces we see truly every Tuesday but also we see the same faces once and year."

For the loyal customers, buying kielbasi is a tradition dating back to before they can even remember.

"It's just been handed down," Dory Laudeman of Seltzer said. "My parents did it. So it`s just been a tradition."

Which is why this time of year is special for the entire Shenandoah area community.

"It`s hectic, busy and distracts you from your own home and buying presents and all," Janet Lukashunas. "But, then it's over. It's great."

The shops said the next big rush they'll see will be for Easter.


  • Joe Crea

    I won’t be happy until I get kielbasi on a stick. It just seems like more of a natural for me and I loved the dark smoked variety. Us skooks wouldn’t settle for less


      We are all sure Joe that kielbasa on a stick is naturally loved by you. To all of our disbelief, you like it dark. You know what they say, once you go black you never go back.

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