Car Titles Stolen in Burglary in Bradford County

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WYSOX TOWNSHIP -- State police in Bradford County are investigating a burglary at an auto garage early on Christmas Eve morning.

The owner of the garage wants the burglar to know what a headache was caused because of one thing inside a stolen safe.

A burglar took his time at Jack Williams Garage near Wysox early in the morning on Christmas Eve. Surveillance video shows he spent an hour and a half there, stealing cash and a safe, and damaging property.

"We're a little out of the way, and they don't have a lot of competition down here," owner Bob Williams said.

Williams showed Newswatch 16 the video of the burglar rolling the safe out of the garage. Though only one man was caught on camera, state police suspect he had help.

Williams says the money that was stolen was not the most valuable.

"The safe had a lot of important papers in it. That's the real value right there, the important papers, car titles, such as that, that were in the safe."

The owners will need to apply to the state to replace each of those several stolen car titles for used cars for sale at the garage.

That's why Williams is hoping someone will recognize the man in the surveillance video.

"If somehow they can get the car titles back to me, it would make things a lot easier."

Anyone with information on the break-in near Wysox is asked to contact state police at Towanda.


  • Athens

    So the reason for posting the story is to help catch the person but you have no still shots posted ans force viewers to watch an ad to maybe be able to catch a small screen glimpse of the person? Good luck with that.

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    Good luck dealing with penndot. You’re going to have to explain it to them 12 times before they understand what you are talking about

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