Mother Accused of Giving Young Daughter Money to Buy Her Heroin

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HONESDALE– A mother from Wayne County is charged with child endangerment, for allegedly giving her 12-year-old daughter money to buy her heroin.

State police say Autumn Nicole Delong, 31, of Honesdale, gave the young girl $40.

The girl went to a teen who troopers say sold her crushed sheetrock.

He’s charged with selling counterfeit drugs


  • Supporter of America

    Who hasn’t snorted a little sheetrock dust? It’s better than the crap she was trying to use, and you’re not going to OD on it. That’s a win win for that kid with a loser for a mom. The poor kid selling sheetrock dust will get more time than the mom; and she’ll still have custody of the daughter when she does finally OD. And they will have to give her the narcan, so the daughter will have her mommy. You chose that path, please have the decency to just OD where the kid won’t see you and help will be too late getting there.

  • Writer Girl

    Sheetrock! Wow, guess the dealers have druggies right where they want them. Another druggie jerk who doesn’t deserve children.

  • 🤔

    It’s pretty sad a mother would use her child like that. I know as a mother, I do anything and everything I can to protect my children and not use them to do bad and evil things. And as for the teenager, what the heck is he doing even selling anything whether it be real or fake drugs. I believe he should be charged as well. I feel bad for the 12 year old girl. She’s just a pawn in her mother’s addiction. Very sad.

  • Suzie Calkin Frisch

    Thank God it was stopped and no one was injured that day . A dealer was arrested and charged and a young girls home situation with addicted parenting was uncovered and the mothers addiction and gross child endangerment was revealed . And Thank god for all of it . 3 very important things were stopped to a halt that is the silver lining to this very common story in the opioid heroin crisis . Another reminder and peak into the window of addiction insanity and the extent it drives a person . This is Why we need to work harder on the core soul stealing addiction to heroin meth Fentanyl etc . The problem is here and it is CONTINUING to destroy people .

    • Ignorance is Bliss

      And now this young girl will get to experience a loving and caring foster home. Yeah right, nothing was solved here. Just another victim of the system

  • mopar driver

    3 winners with one drug deal , So Mom called cops on her drug purchase because it was bogus , we wouldn’t have heard a word if the deal was legit , What luck for the child involved to know Mom cared more of the drugs than her daughter and before Mom sold her daughter for it (I hope) .

    • 🤔

      Why put down honesdale? This drug epidemic is everywhere. Some places are worse than others. You hear more about drugs down in the valley than you do here in a little hick down but it’s bad everywhere. Instead of writing stuff like that,. We all need to come up with a solution.

      • Truth

        Well come on. It is no surprise to Northeast Pennsylvania that Honesdale has some serious drug problems and popular named drug addicts. let us not forget that many addicts have a very popular last name in the town which by carrying thar last name, keeps them out of trouble. Honesdale is one big cess pool. You see and smell it but avoid it before it pulls you in.

  • Mary R Jones

    I have heard that they are openly selling drugs in the parking lot of Dollar General in Waymart, PA. Nothing surprises me anymore and we will never win the war on drugs. Stop it in one parking lot and it will just move to another one.

  • Lake Ariel Mom

    How does anyone know that the mother gave the child money for drugs? It’s shopping season. It’s so easy to set up a kid.

  • Jen

    Wow, every message I see is a about about the fake drugs????? Really no one is worried about the teen that thought they were buying real heroin? Are you kidding. Go ahead keep worrying about rhe police controlled buys. Don’t worry about the young child wg o was trying to get their hands on heroin

  • Capt. Bogart

    Nothing new here in Susquehanna County. Parent dealers use their to retrieve the cash, they also take them along for cover as they sell to there peeps.

  • laura

    ok how is it this came to be? was this some sort of set up by the police? was she dumb enough to call police? i want to know why a teenage boy is faces charges for basically no reason. if this was some sort of sting the police were running they are ruining an essentially innocent kid’s life and causing his family grief and probably financial hardship for what amounts to a prank. if this is the case they should lose their jobs. 1st for being dumb enough to allow a 12 year old to leave with the bait money and 2nd for what they are doing to that teen. i hope that boy’s family comes forward and tells their side

    • Really?

      Innocent teenagers don’t sell drugs, or materials purported to be drugs. The drywall selling teenager is far from innocent.

      • laura

        that’s bull. the kid’s a teen and probably a young 1 at that. was probably a combo of being pissed this girl thought he did drugs and an easy way to make 40 bucks or don’t you think he could have come up with a better idea than drywall?

    • laura

      why go after real dealers when you can go after a harmless teen selling drywall? my bet is on this was a controlled buy that wasn’t well controlled and now they’re embarrassed and the boy has to pay for them not being able to do their jobs right. everyone involved with this should be fired

  • Pay Me Money

    Yeah, and we should be surprised by this because…………………………………………………?

    There are just some people out there that should never reproduce.

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