Law Makes Fireworks Legal in PA

SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- Pennsylvanians can now light up the night with aerial fireworks legally, thanks to a new state law passed in October.

The owner of Odd-Lot Outlet is used to selling aerial fireworks to people from out of state. But now, workers at the shop near Marshalls Creek are serving another customer base, -- Pennsylvania residents.

A new state law allows residents to buy and use these fireworks.

"It's made a lot of our local residents and customers extremely happy. They now have the ability to purchase any of our aerial fireworks just like their out-of-state counterparts," said Ken Schuchman, Odd-Lot Outlet owner.

Ken Schuchman is the owner of Odd-Lot Outlet. He also owns two other fireworks stores in Monroe County. The new law is something he's been waiting for.

"I think it was really a two-fold approach. It was an outcry from the constituents to buy fireworks and the same time for the state to generate some revenue," said Schuchman.

Typically the Fourth of July is a big firework sale day but with New Year's Eve coming up and now that Pennsylvanians can buy fireworks, the hope is that in the next two weeks, business will boom.

Lester Richards from East Stroudsburg thinks it's great that Pennsylvanians can now enjoy bigger fireworks instead of just sparklers.

"It's will be good for business. It will, it definitely will. Especially around this time of year, Fourth of July, Memorial Day. That is when they will make a lot of sales," said Lester Richards.

Before you buy these aerial fireworks, check with your municipality to see if you're allowed to set them off there.


  • mopar driver

    We need M-80’s . Think of the economic benefits to the state income / liscences , medical ( finger reattachment) and law enforcment for all the mailboxes. Sadly I would buy them too !

  • warningfakenews

    So, let me get this straight, these things were considered bad and dangerous until the state got their cut. It’s going to be interesting living in those row homes this summer.

    • chris

      this is were your local goverment needs to set limits to were you could set them off it is a great thing for people who have the land to enjoy a party with them so trust in your elected office to do that if not then you should cast your vote to someone that has a head on there shoulders not someone that your good friends with

      • warningfakenews

        My point is that every argument the state made to keep them illegal before went out the window once they decided they could make money on them.

        As for the row homes? Making them legal really will have little effect, as I think about it, since the people who turn those neighborhoods into war zones already obtain them illegally.

  • Matthew Berneski

    Wow! I didn’t know our legislators were voting on this. I like the idea, although I’m sure Darwinism will clean up the gene pool a bit more. Kinda wish we could get m-80s.

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