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16 To The Rescue: Jock

MILTON -- Jock is a 3-year-old mastiff, American Staffordshire mix. He came to "Haven to Home Rescue" in Milton in February of this year.

Volunteers call him "Jock the Rock," well, because he weighs in at 85 pounds, but don't let his size intimidate you.

"He is a large dog, yes but he's also a very obedient dog, he's very trainable," said Angela Cooper, a volunteer with Haven to Home.

"Jock is just a big goofball, quite honestly. He's so sweet, he's very smart, he knows a lot of commands, he's very treat-motivated."

He's also house and crate trained and loves to smooch everyone he meets.

Cooper says the best home for Jock, is one that will not only take him for lots of walks but will also exercise his mind.

"He enjoys doing commands and also nose work, so anything that exercises his little mind, he's very happy to be doing."

He also gets along great with other dogs

"I think a home with other dogs, a home with older children, and I think that would be an ideal location and no cats."

Since he's very curious about felines and other critters, a secure fenced-in yard would be ideal.

So why hasn't this sweet boy been adopted yet?

"it's purely because of his size, because we have people come and meet him, we've had applications for him, and they come and will spend two hours with him," Cooper said. "They love him, then they go home and think about the size and inevitably, he's just too big for them."

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  • Bonnie

    Mastiff and pit bull mix. Why not be honest instead of using terms like American Stafordshire which is just another name for a pit. People don’t know that and take dangerous animals into their homes with small children. Jail should be the consequence for shelters that lie to adopters about the breed when these monsters kill.

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