Energy-Efficient Improvements at Auto Service Center

MOOSIC -- A car dealership in Lackawanna County is saving energy in its efforts to save customers time.

Minooka Subaru in Moosic is about to open up a brand new addition that includes a much bigger service garage with a goal of maximum efficiency.

"This way we can wait on them right at their car. We had to be mindful, though, with a space like this -- 10,000 square feet -- of the environmental impact (of) overhead doors opening and closing, cars coming and going all the time," said Minooka Subaru's Jim Corbett.

To keep the heat inside the garage, the garage doors work quickly.

"It's a little scary it's so fast," Corbett said. "I had seen them at trade shows, the National Auto Dealers Convention, and they really piqued my interest. As much as they cost, I'm very happy that we decided to go with them."

The special doors cost five times more than a traditional garage door but Minooka Subaru expects to save on energy. Plus, it makes it much more comfortable for customers and the service employees.

"We don't have to go outside anymore, it's weather, climate-controlled in here so it will be warmer for us and the customer," said employee Jeremy Olivetti.

The new garage also has LED lighting and several skylights that will allow them to work using natural light.

The owners say the equipment is becoming a standard among Subaru dealers. The maker already has a reputation for energy efficiency.

"They set the example, we try to follow suit. We try to make it as energy efficient as possible, yet, be as convenient and customer friendly as possible," Corbett added.

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