Hateful Graffiti on Businesses in the Poconos

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MOUNT POCONO -- Hateful words and symbols can be seen spray-painted on the sides of a Mr. Mattress truck parked on Route 940 in Mount Pocono.

The owner of the business is still trying to understand why someone would tag his property.

"It's kind of surprising to me that this type of vandalism is being done here. It's not a one-race community or anything like that. It's a very mixed community here. I don't understand the reason behind it," said Chet Hundley, Mr. Mattress owner.

Chet Hundley says he was first notified about the graffiti on Saturday.

Because the truck has busted wheels, it had to sit there until someone could repair it. It was removed by mid-afternoon.

"You know, it's one of those things when you think someone is messing with you, then they say they are serious and I'm like, 'oh, man," said Hundley.

Not far from where the Mr. Mattress van is parked is AutoZone and a wall there has recently been painted over. Officials say this is another business that has been hit with racial slurs.

Officials say the words "white power" and a swastika were also painted on this wall.

Corporate rules don't allow local managers at AutoZone to comment on the graffiti.

People who shop in this area say the act is offensive.

"I think it is very inappropriate and very violating. I don't think anyone should touch anyone's property and they should keep their opinions to themselves. It's not fair and they wouldn't want to be racially targeted either," said Chandanie Ramkisson, Bangor.

Pocono Mountain Regional Police Chief says these incidents are being investigated.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the department.


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