State Fines Cabot for Violations in Susquehanna County

SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY -- A natural gas company in Susquehanna County must pay a $99,000 penalty for air quality violations.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection reached the deal with Cabot Oil and Gas.

Cabot admitted to a list of violations including excessive emission rates from several of its well sites and failing to submit complete compliance reports.

According to the DEP, the money will go the to the department's Clean Air Fund, which pays for air quality programs throughout the state.



    Gas companies vent their wells to the atmosphere because over time wells degrade building up moisture .So a lot more than moisture comes up and out. This is done as often as 3 to 4 times aweek for as long as 1 hour on wells with restricted flow . I know cause I see it happen .Moisture in the well restricts flow. There should be a better way to do this ,think about all the gas wells in the state that are vented due to low- restricted flow!

  • Scott Cannon

    Just a week before the Ray Kemble hearing because Ray have been vocal against Cabot’s pollution. This should make the hearing more interesting. Dec 11 at 9:30 at the Montrose Courthouse.

  • Brett Jennings

    The funny thing is cabot will say they had “a gun to our head” and we had to sign the consent order and agreement. Why, it is easyier to claim that than go before a jury defending in court to criminal charges. Then the DEP will not enforce the perjury clause in the consent order and agreement from past experience with cabot for water contamination. They even had the company lawyer sign that he gave Dan O Dingies advice before signing.

  • Wasteland

    Who’s going to replace the thousands of miles of pipelines in Pa. when they start deteriorating 100 years from now. The whole state will be a toxic craphole like our coal regions are now. Have fun future great grandchildren.

  • warningfakenews

    It’s the cost of doing business. Nothing major found, but this – in the bureaucrats minds- makes them look good and like there’s justification for us spending 1000 times what this fine brought in on them “doing their job”

    The DEP is a complete waste of taxpayer money and should simply be abolished.

  • anthony haddan

    That’s like fining them a dollar.This is why they keep doing this its all about the old mighty dollar.Should have been s million dollar fine.No respect for our air or children’s future sham on them.

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