PA American Water Issues Voluntary Water Use For Six Communities in Susquehanna County

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GREAT BEND -- If you live in some communities in Susquehanna County, you're being asked to watch the amount of water you use.

It's an unusual request for this time of year, something that typically happens during the summer months.

But Pennsylvania American Water says there is a need for conservation.

The next time you're out dining in Susquehanna County, you may not automatically get a complimentary glass of water when you're seated.

That's because Pennsylvania American Eater is asking six communities to voluntarily limit their use of water.

Those communities are Great Bend, Hallstead, Susquehanna Borough, Great Bend Township, Lanesboro and Oakland Township.

At the Shur Save in Great Bend, folks were picking up plenty of bottled water.

“Well we won't wash clothes as much, take showers a little less, make them quick, got to do what you can so we don't run out,” said Roxanne Davis from Great Bend.

Others were just finding out.

“We'll conserve now, didn't know, didn't hear about it,” said John Slater from Hallstead.

The water company says the lack of rain over the past several months has caused the water levels in the Comforts Pond reservoir in Susquehanna Borough to drop.

It's asking residents to conserve water by doing several things, including:

Turning water off while brushing teeth, shortening showers, washing dishes by hand in a basin rather than in a dishwasher or under running water and reducing the number of toilet flushes.

For businesses, workers say conserving water is going to be tough.

“We do pastas, the only thing that doesn't consist of water is the pizza station, other than that it`s all, the whole thing just water,” said Alyssa Calla who works at Blue Stone Pizza.

At Danny's Hair Designs, the water limit puts a new challenge on a rinse and cut.

“On a busy day we'll do like 10, 20 haircuts and at least half of them want their hair washed,” said Amber Ross, a hairdresser. “I mean we use a lot of water.”

PA American Water says the voluntary water usage limit for those communities in Susquehanna County will be in place until further notice.



  • Bill K.

    Oh here we go with “The Drought” again. Don’t they remember when it rained every day from April to June? then down to twice or three times a week in July and August? I’ve never seen an area where people just love the rain, cold and snow. It doesn’t rain for two days and everyone starts crying “we’re in a drought!”. OK, let’s say we are in a drought. How much damage does it do? How many homes are swept away in a drought? How many basements are flooded in a drought? How many roads are impassable in a drought? I’ve never seen farmers not harvest their crops even when it’s alleged there IS a “drought”. Enjoy the clear skies and dry highways.

  • seb255

    Hahaha… This is hilarious. 4.4 million gallons of water is used in every hydraulic fracturing well in the state. And you want us to poop a few times in the toilet before we flush it. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Fellowtruckdriver

      While your numbers are off there a little bit and by that i mean alot. The water used in gas drilling and fracking isnt water used for your every day uses. Unless you really enjoy drinking the delicious water out of the Susquehanna river Lol.

    • cheap tightwad

      It will soon be back to normal when the gas industry closes shop. Wells have a depletion of flow rate of 50% every 6 months. The flow rate charts can easily found online.

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