Power To Save: Recycling Holiday Boxes

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POCONO TOWNSHIP -- With Cyber Monday come and gone, plenty of Amazon, FedEx, and other boxes will soon be piling up on porches.

Many of those boxes will end up at recycling sites, such as one near Tannersville.

"A lot of people like shopping on their computers and everything, therefore, there's going to be more boxes than usual," said Otis Brooks, Pocono Township.

The Monroe County Waste Authority says this is the time of year when cardboard piles build up -- way up.

There are a few things you should know before tossing it.

"With your cardboard, if it's corrugated, you can bring them to any of our free drop-off facilities. If it's not corrugated and we are talking about gift boxes themselves, you would enter that into mixed paper bins," said Capt. Jacqueline Bagu, Monroe County Waste Authority.

Waste Authority officials tell Newswatch 16, as we get closer to the holidays, there is going to be a lot more cardboard at recycling sites. They want to remind people to break down the box before putting it in the bin.

"If you can enter it into the bin without breaking it down, then by all means. But with the corrugated, it's usually larger boxes so please do flatten them," said Capt. Bagu.

Charles Klippel from Reeders says with the growing popularity of online shopping, he's not surprised to already see boxes piling up.

"I order stuff online myself and then I break them down and bring them here to recycling," said Charles Klippel, Reeders.

Officials say that after the holidays, they expect to see plenty of wrapping paper filling these bins.

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