Cat’s Life Saved After Surviving a Week with Head Stuck in Mayonnaise Jar

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WILKES-BARRE -- One lucky cat is counting its nine lives after a wild adventure.

The recently rescued cat had to get its head removed from a mayo jar at Pittston Animal Hospital.

The stray cat, now named Miracle, had been running around the area of Chestnut Street in Wilkes-Barre.

“I saw this cat coming to eat and it had a mayo jar and I was like, 'Oh, my God!' and it ran away. The next day, I was literally able to get the mayo jar and try to get its head popped out and it ran away again,” Linda Ruggere of Wilkes-Barre said.

Ruggere tries to take care of cats on her street, but this worried her. Besides cars driving by, there were plenty of other threats for the short hair cat to avoid.

“So often do I see cats dead on the road, just driving down the road, and it's horrible for any cat lover,” said Ruggere.

The volunteers at Whisker's World brought Miracle to the Pittston Animal Hospital.

Dr. Inayat Kathio was able to remove the jar with a pair of scissors

Born in Pakistan, Dr. Kathio now uses his job to help those who can't help themselves.

“I was inspired by America. When I was a little kid, America came to school gave us food and vaccinations and America has been doing great things for other countries,” said Kathio.

The cat was later released back into the wild by Whisker’s World, a nonprofit organization that tends to cats before releasing them into the wild.


  • oh god no

    love how only the people that hate cats are the ones that have time to make comments. All this shows is animals will always be better than POS HUMANS!

  • Spear chucker

    Cat owners are amongst the dumbest people on Earth. Hey, let’s let our beloved pet outside all night, unattended, free do whatever it wants.

    License these rodents just like dogs.

    • JP

      Agree with that. Don’t cleanup after your dog you get a 300 dollar fine but it’s ok to let these four legged roaches run rampant multiplying with more to run around loose. Start fining people who feed them. Something is definitely wrong here.

  • Deb Kay

    I have a question, not a comment. How long did it take police to arrive at the home where fire took the lives of the 3 young boys, from the time 911 was called?
    We’re police even dispatched, did they wait till the fire happened before heading out and was it just considered a domestic issue?
    Please, tell us,
    Time 911 call received:
    Time police arrived:
    Thank you.

  • caps not on

    Why on earth would they release the cat back into the wild why not try and find it a home??? Stupidity is rampant.

  • Kitty

    Soooo…. North Korea shoots a missile off of Japan potentially starting a world war and WNEP’s top story is about a cat with its head stuck in a mayo jar? Sounds about right.

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