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Football & Thanksgiving: An American Tradition

SCHUYLKILL HAVEN -- In Schuylkill County, nothing goes better with Thanksgiving than football. Newswatch 16's Chase Senior shows us the holiday happenings at Wednesday night's Schuylkill League all-star game.

Football and Thanksgiving. For many of us, it's an American staple that goes together like turkey and gravy. After devouring hefty plates, many families sit down, relax, and take in some football. At Schuylkill Haven High School, players who took the field in the North vs. South all-star game on Thanksgiving eve say football on turkey day is a tradition.

"Thanksgiving, I always think of family and everything," Blue Mountain High School senior David Krewson said. "That's what comes first for me. We always like to get around the table and have a good Thanksgiving dinner. But one of my favorite traditions is the Thanksgiving football games. I know I'm always watching the NFL games no matter who's playing."

"Thanksgiving and football, I always think of family," Tamaqua senior Thad Zuber said. "After lunch, we're always sitting down in front of my TV. Everybody's in the living room watching football, so it's been a blast each year, hanging out with family and watching football."

Those Thanksgiving Day memories watching football may include family members screaming.

"Oh boy, I don't know," Zuber said. "Probably my dad screaming at the TV, or my grandfather. It's always a blast. Each year something different happens."

Of course many, if not all of these players will spend their Thanksgiving holiday with family members, but this all-star game also has a family element to it. Many players are taking the field for the final time with some of their closest buddies.

"Even though there might be a little chip on the shoulder during the season and some rivalries, that kind of falls apart after football," Pottsville senior Ian Murhon said. "You come here and you guys all become friends after the season."

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  • Love watching football om Thanksgiving. (Yes I’m also a girl) My team plays Sunday. Go New Orleans Saints! 🏈💛🖤 Also Friday night is high school football. Let’s Go Selinsgrove Seals! We can’t wait to watch you kick some ass! 🏈❤💙

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