Social Media Threats at Bloomsburg High School Cause Concern

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BLOOMSBURG — Bloomsburg Area High School officials and the town’s police department are investigating a threat on social media that has parents concerned about sending their kids to school on Monday.

According to officials, a police investigation found the threats to be unfounded and school will be in session as normal on Monday. Police officers will be at the school for extra precaution.

The school district would not discuss the specifics of the threat, but officials released the following statement on its webpage:

“We would again like to thank our students, our parents, our faculty and our staff for their vigilance with their concern for the potential alleged violence at the high school. It is only through community effort that we can enhance the safety of all. We have been in communication with the police throughout the weekend to assist with their investigation.

“The police investigation yielded no credible threat and school will be in session as scheduled tomorrow.  We have asked for our local police to be present for student arrival and throughout the day to help alleviate safety concerns.   It is important to stress that items that appear on social media are not always accurate and that is essential that we all check our sources of information prior to drawing conclusions.

“Moving forward, we will be following both School District Policy and the Student Code of Conduct to determine if school policy or school code has been violated.  We are confident that our schools will be both safe and secure as we complete our work.

“Thank you for your patience as we worked through this matter.”

-Donald Wheeler


  • Parent

    I have a child in Bloomsburg School District. Just heard that they don’t believe it to be a credible threat. I am in possession of his facebook picture where he has a bandanna across his face with a pistol grip ak-47 or SKS across his shoulder. I do not have the caption underneath, I am still looking to get it. It reportedly said something like, his senior class project, shooting up the school. He no longer has his face book page up. Sounds like a credible threat to me. The police claim to have never seen the facebook photo. Would the state police or FBI please step in. All the local police did was question this kid. I was told that the school knew about this threat a week ago.I was notified yesterday (Sunday) at 2:00. Also it is reported that a gun was found in a locker a few weeks back and I was never notified. All my kid told me was that they were on lock down and police were there with dogs searching.

    • But I posted it on WNEP...

      Thanks for your concern, parent. How about instead of boring us with unsubstantiated information, YOU contact the authorities directly. (Anti) social media will be the death of our society…

    • Person

      That dog was searching for drugs. All 6th grade saw the dog with the police officer and got to even see a demonstration

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