Harvey’s Lake Council Vice President Sentenced for Fourth DUI

HARVEY'S LAKE -- A borough councilman in Luzerne County was sentenced Thursday for his fourth DUI.

Harvey's Lake Council Vice President Thomas Kehler must serve 90 days of house arrest.

Kehler's driver's license will also be suspended for a year and a half.


  • H.

    I’m a little confused because I know a lot of people that have gotten two or three DUIs and they do jail time so what the f*** is going on here

  • RealLakeMonsters

    Enough of this ridiculousness, why is he still a councilman,? Find out who put him there, the same people that say alcohol and drug addiction is a disease and not a selfish choice, he needs jail and mental help, stop enabling these duds that are in leadership positions only meant to be held by the most upstanding individuals of your town, havnt enough people gotten killed by drunk drivers in our area

  • My my

    And when he finally kills someone (notice I say ‘when’, not ‘if’) will people be surprised? There shouldn’t be anything after the third offense. License revoked, vehicles impounded. Get caught driving – 20 years in the big house. DUI laws need to have teeth.

  • buzzed driver

    WoW ! I seem to recall the 3rd is a year in jail and fourth much more . Favoritism for a rich lush so he can kill someone on the fifth time — Also who would ever insure this creep ?

  • Bill K.

    Wow. House arrest. Must be tough. Confined to the house. Except you can still go outside, in your yard. You can still go to the grocery store. You can still go to church. You can still go to the doctor’s office. You can still attend your AA meetings. Heck, I can think of more reasons to leave the house while under “house arrest” than when you’re not. He’s literally sent to his room to think about what he’s done. While he has televisions, high-speed Internet, video games and cell phones at home. To make it real punishment let’s limit to one doctor visit OR AA meeting OR church each week. And let’s get rid of television, internet, cell phones and video games for his “incarceration”.

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