Fans, Players Brave Bitter Cold For Football Friday

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SCRANTON -- At Memorial Stadium in Scranton, the football teams from Scranton Prep and Lake-Lehman battled it out.

While the night was about tackles and touchdowns, there was one thing on everyone's mind.

“It’s cold!” shouted the cheerleading team from Prep.

Yes, it sure was cold. The bitter temperature left the bleachers a little bare.

Loyal fans made sure to bundle up.

“My winter boots, I have leggings underneath my jeans, hand warmers, scarf, hat, blanket,” said Laura Muha from Dickson City.

“Everything and more,” said Ed Nicholes from Olyphant.

“I have probably like three layers, she has about four,” said Marta Avila from Albrightsville.

Colleen Rossi from Archbald combated the cold by layer up with Prep’s colors.

“Got to come and support, that's right,” said Rossi.

The coaches and players had a game plan as well.

“Our kids know how to dress up so if they, if I find out they didn't wear something we make sure we have extra clothes for them to wear out there tonight,” said Jerry Gilsky, the head coach for Lake-Lehman.

“I like to play in warmer games but I’m fine playing in the cold as long as you`re always moving and hitting, that always keeps me warm,” said Trey Borger, a Lake-Lehman senior.

And inside the concession stand, workers Jerry Elia and his son Jeffrey whipped up a batch of hot chocolate.

They expected to make at least two more batches before the game ended.

“There's the cold stuff which we probably won`t sell hardly any tonight so this is our hot chocolate, we mix it in here, put it up here, then we pour it,” said Jerry.

But some fans think they may have to throw in the towel.

“Second guess, second guessing,” said Chino Avila from Albrightsville. “I think I'll watch it from the car.”

And, given the cold and wind, that's not a bad idea.


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