Trooper Shot is a Wayne County Native

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MOUNT PLEASANT TOWNSHIP -- State police identified the trooper shot during a routine traffic stop along Route 33 yesterday as Cpl. Seth Kelly.

Cpl. Kelly is a 13-year veteran of the state police and a native of Wayne County. He is now stationed in Northampton County.

Kelly was shot and badly wounded on Route 33 in Northampton County on Tuesday when investigators say a traffic stop went bad. Kelly was shot and rushed to the hospital where he's been in critical condition.

Cpl. Kelly is originally from Wayne County. His family has a farm north of Honesdale. It didn't take long for people back home to find out what happened. Everyone who knows Kelly or his family are pulling for him.

While his family focuses on being there for injured corporal, his state police family keeps watch at the family farm.

Before joining the Pennsylvania State Police more than a decade ago, Kelly was a juvenile probation officer with Wayne County, so he's touched many people in both his personal and private lives.

"It was devastating. It was just devastating. Myself and other coworkers who worked directly with Seth were beside ourselves. We went back and forth texting each other," said Sandy Fofi, Wayne County Juvenile Probation.

Fofi worked with Kelly when he was a juvenile probation officer more than a decade ago. Fofi says Kelly worked hard to join the ranks of the Pennsylvania State Police and calls him a fighter.

"When I learned he had a tourniquet on his belt, that's Seth, definitely a survivor, definitely ready for anything that would come his way."

Family members did not want to speak on camera. They are waiting to find out how he comes through another surgery set for Wednesday.

Newswatch 16 did speak to former superintendent of Western Wayne School District, Lou Zefran, who was also Kelly's high school principal at Forest City Regional.

"I saw the name come up on the bottom of the screen. I got a sickening feeling that it was the same Seth Kelly. I knew. It just made me sick," Zefran said.

Zefran says Kelly was an outstanding probation officer who worked well with kids and faculty and spoke very highly of the injured state police corporal.

A retired state trooper, Wayne Thomas, said Kelly is smart and tough and a definition of a Pennsylvania State Trooper as well as being a compassionate man.

During a news conference at the Bethlehem State Police barracks Wednesday morning, state police said Cpl. Kelly is in critical but stable condition at St. Luke's Hospital.  He was expected to undergo more surgery for his injuries Wednesday or Thursday.  He was shot in the leg and neck/shoulder area.

Capt. Richard D'Ambrosio said the suspect in the case is Daniel Clary from Effort, Monroe County.  Troopers planned to arraign him from his bedside on a long list of charges.

Investigators provided more details on how a routine traffic stop quickly escalated along Route 33 near Nazareth.  They said Clary was pulled over for speeding and cleared to leave.  But he waved down Trooper Ryan Seiple who had pulled him over, asking about paying that citation.  Seiple sensed Clary was under the influence and went to call for backup.

When Cpl. Kelly arrived to help and the troopers attempted to handcuff Clary, D'Ambrosio said Clary violently fought back.  There was a struggle right along the busy highway. D'Ambrosio said Clary was tased, but that only knocked him down. Clary jumped back up then ran back to his car, grabbed a gun through an open window and began firing.

Cpl. Kelly was struck multiple times. D'Ambrosio said the corporal was able to pull a tourniquet from his belt and apply it to his own wound, likely saving his life.

Even after he was struck, D'Ambrosio said Cpl. Kelly was able to shoot back along with Tpr. Seiple.  That is when Clary was shot. He jumped in his vehicle and sped off, driving himself to Easton Hospital where he was arrested.

The Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli said Clary had "no right to be in possession of a firearm at all."


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  • Keystone cops

    So let me get this right. Trooper Seiple was allowing a DUI driver to drive off until the victim questioned the cop about his paying his ticket then all of a sudden it turned into a DUI arrest? Wth? How could the Trooper not detect DUI and allow the victim to leave at free will to begin with?? Wth again! This my friends is why I give them the name KEYSTONE COPS. Can anybody else come up with any better discription?

    • Filthy Jersey Dopers

      If it had been alcohol it would’ve been easier to detect but since the suspect swallowed drugs while being pulled over the trooper didn’t detect it right away. However during the 12 minutes while they ran the criminals records the drug started taking effect. So whatever reason you hate “keystone cops” is beyond me! I’d like you to take that job and see this trash they deal with!

    • Writer Girl

      Go away. They pulled him over for a traffic violation. He was in the car. Maybe not talking much, so the cops didn’t smell any alcohol/drugs. Then the idiot gets out to argue with the cops and that’s when they notice he’s not right. What is so strange about that? Go away.

      • warningfakenews

        Not one person here knows exactly what went down, other than what the cops have said so far. Let’s see the videos from any dash cams and – if they had them- body cams and then decide.

        We need to be mindful that cops are human beings also, they sometimes make mistakes, and there’s more than a few bad ones out there. Just the same, it is VERY likely the cops were completely justified, but NO ONE HERE knows that for sure yet.

      • The educator

        Your stupid Writer Girl. The driver never needs to talk. The cop always sticks his/her head inside the vehicle and violently sniffs for the smell of the dangerous toxins.

      • El~Ma

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    • no

      I mean, have you ever waved down a cop and asked about payment AFTER they cleared you to go and they returned to their cruiser? Could have been prescription drugs, alcohol, marijuanna, the list can go on here. He could have also been diabetic and going into shock you just dont know the details. Diabetic shock and being intoxicated look identical. I just feel its a shame that all those cars that went speeding by left someone who puts their life on the line everyday for us, left for dead.

  • jack u

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  • latc

    God give strength to this officer and his family. To the bastard that shot the officer…you will meet Satan. Good luck there. I think its WRONG that any police office needs to “second guess” probably his instinct to shoot first when the facts are clear that every day their lives are in danger and if MOST of these thugs weren’t committing crimes they wouldn’t be shot in the first place. Get over all your color coding because the truth is I don’t personally care what color you are a thug is a thug and if you shoot an officer( no matter what color or race) you should get an immediate death penalty even if he lives.

  • What it be

    Thank you Hillary for calling these animals super predators that was about the only thing you said that was true!!!
    She calls it like she sees it . What it be !

  • P Sweeney

    I heard the radio calls when this happened. “NWAG HEADED NORTH ON 33, ONE TROOPER DOWN”!!! “NWAG HEADED NORTH ON 33, ONE TROOPER DOWN”!!!

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