Bloomsburg Area Teen: Victim of Sex Ring?

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MONTOUR TOWNSHIP -- Police say 19-year-old Corinna Slusser has been missing for more than a month.

Slusser is from Montour Township near Bloomsburg.

According to social media accounts, she's a college student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania where she is studying marketing, but officials with the university say they have no record of her being enrolled there.

Investigators say Slusser disappeared in the New York City area after she was assaulted by a man from Harlem who has ties to prostitution.

"I haven't seen her in a while and I asked my wife recently you know, I wonder where she could be, but I didn't know she was part of the front page of the paper recently,” said Ken Conner of Montour Township.

Police are investigating whether Slusser may have been sighted at a truck stop in the Mifflinville area, too.

They say she may be the victim of a sex-ring; they believe she may have been trafficked against her will.

Newswatch 16 tried to speak with Slusser's mother, but she was not home.

We spoke with people who live in the neighborhood near Bloomsburg.

"That's sad. That's sad because her mother is a very nice person. It's too bad,” said neighbor Jean Derr.

Neighbors say they are praying Slusser is found soon and found safe for her sake and her family's sake.

"The fact that she's in New York City, you know, is of itself a very scary situation. I'm familiar with the city and anything can happen. It's tragic, you know, and where do you look?" said Ken Conner.

Slusser's mother recently told the New York Post she is praying for her daughter's safe return and even for her daughter's captors.


  • deborah

    Don’t care if she’s 19 or 29. If I didn’t hear from my adult daughter for a month…or less, I’d be concerned and put a plan in place to do something.

  • Colleen

    As a parent you worry no matter what the age. But I’d like to know what she was doing was she at a bar drinking hanging with the wrong crowd accepting the wrong people on Snapchat ?

  • Feed Me More

    shes 19, she can do what she wants, just because she doesnt care about telling someone what shes doing doesnt mean anything. this is just people jumping to the worst scenario possible, im sure she will turn up sometime

    • Writer Girl

      You certainly have a strange way of looking at things. Do you really think this family would put forth a kidnapping/human trafficking scenario, if it wasn’t true or if they had heard from her lately? They likely know their daughter, not you. The article states she was assaulted. That’s not a good situation.

  • Supporter of America

    So sad for the Family, and all everyone can do is make jokes; and then complain about how bad our society is. Hope she is found safe and alive, and that they string anyone up that was involved in any wrong doings. But I’m sure if anyone is caught they will plead out to give someone bigger up, who will then do a year…maybe. Keep putting lowlifes back out on the street and wonder why crime continues?? Put them in the ground and it will be one less creating issues.

  • Barney Loves You

    We wouldn’t be seeing this if she had a gun and proper training. Realistically, the media and prison systems would probably go under because real criminals wouldn’t have soft targets anymore. “We’ll get around to that trial someday”. Arm yourselves and anybody that you care about.

  • D.C.N

    There is absolutely no information in this article. What happened to real journalism where you needed facts and sources before you sent a story out to the masses? Journalist & weather men are two career fields where you don’t need to know anything but still have a job.

  • The British Empire

    Nobody ever tried to ban our flag even though you were our colony when the “N word” was hip. Noticed that Detroit is in ruins. Good, when your paying jobs leave and you have to work two crappy ones with no vacation just to make ends meet? Or, if you stare at your phone all day believing drivel spouted by some nancy that wants to touch your kids and the truth comes out after years of cover because you need to concentrate on a concept from the 1860’s instead of what is really happening today? That big burning ball in the sky will not set on this empire.

  • El~Ma

    I am dreadfully sorry for the family of this young woman.

    According to this article, she was assaulted by a man in NYC with known ties to prostitution. As a victim, why were her family members not contacted to come get her? How was the ball dropped in this matter? This doesn’t make sense, on any level. She disappeared AFTER the assault? And, how is that a known fact? There are too many questions related to this situation.

    I hope that she is found safe, and sound.


      Why bother, the last mercenaries out of Wilkes Barre that went into NYC to rescue a girl, got busted and fined, and the girl ended up dead anyway from a drug overdose,
      No good deed goes on unpunished

  • adam thomas

    Scary world out there. The greater Hazleton area is almost as bad as urban decayed ghettos these days so people try to find new pastures. Didnt think there was a gal that pretty in NEPA left. But hey she tried to get out to no prevail.

    • Colleen

      Yeah she’s real pretty putting herself out there on Snapchat selfies whatever that can get you in trouble oh snd walking around NYC with god knows who well that’s real smart . And their are a lot of beautiful girls in nepa

  • Helpless

    Every once in a while, a dick needs to get clipped at a Motel 6. Case en pointe. Take the time to teach your young how to defend themselves from abject situations. Whether it be through simple conversation or teaching them how to fight or avoid the evils that populate our world. Transfer of physical and thought processes are the only way your work in this life will succeed. What do you get when you plant potatoes? Hopefully not flowers. Best wishes that she makes it home. A person with a weapon is less of a victim.

  • pushing buttons

    If it turns out she was abducted, fine. Obviously terrible etc and I hope they find her quickly. But with lack of any evidence cited, this piece (and of course the comments it generates) is a (racist) disgrace. “She *may* be in NYC.” Not clear. She “may be the victim of a sex ring…” Again no evidence. So while I hope she is safe, given the lack of information, the following scenario happens every day: she dated and fell in love with, for example, a black/brown man. Her parents freaked out and she ran off with him to avoid further arguments with her parents. Her racist parents call this abduction, victim of a sex ring etc. Neither I (and according to this story), nor nobody knows the truth, so let’s wait for the truth before trotting out the racist comments — it is just as possible they should be pointing blame in the other direction.

  • James McLeary

    Too bad NY has such draconian gun laws to keep the law abiding populace unarmed. If only she were allowed to carry an effective method of protecting herself she conceivably wouldn’t be in the situation she is in now.

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