Shooter in Custody, Trooper Being Treated for Gunshot Wounds

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PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP -- A Pennsylvania State Police corporal was shot and injured during a traffic stop in Northampton County Tuesday morning, troopers confirm.

Authorities said it happened on Route 33 in the area of Route 191, near Stockertown, just before 11 a.m.

Multiple state police vehicles, ambulances, and more filled a stretch of Route 33 near Nazareth in Northampton County. State police say a corporal from the Belfast barracks was shot in the line of duty during a routine traffic stop just before 11 a.m. Tuesday.

The corporal was flown to Saint Luke's Hospital near Bethlehem with multiple gunshot wounds.

"Our guy is up there fighting for his life. He is a warrior, and like I said, he went through a heck of a fight out there along the side of the road, and he has the will to live, and God willing, he is going to pull through this," said Capt. Richard D'Ambrosio, Pennsylvania State Police.

Here's what authorities say happened.

Troopers pulled over a man for speeding on Route 33. After he was given a citation, he was let go, but after further conversations with the troopers, it appeared the driver was intoxicated and backup was called in.

Authorizes say that's when the situation became very violent.

"The trooper goes to place the subject under arrest, and at this point, he begins to violently resist arrest. The troopers were in a knock-down drag-out fight along the side of the road with vehicles speeding by them and it got very, very violent," said Capt. D'Ambrosio. "The subject was able to free himself from troopers while they were wrestling on the ground, goes back to his vehicle, and retrieves a gun, takes the weapon out, and fires several shots at our troopers."

The corporal is listed in critical condition.

According to online court documents, Daniel Clary, 22, of Effort, was charged in connection with the shooting.

A news conference is scheduled for Wednesday morning.





  • potsmoker

    Did some douche actually fight / shoot cops over a DUI !!! Gotta be drugs involved , Either way he’s gone forever – good choice – Hope officer recovers .

  • warningfakenews

    “Troopers pulled over a man for speeding on Route 33. After he was given a citation, he was let go but after further conversations with the troopers, it appeared the driver was intoxicated and backup was called in.”

    This doesn’t sound like a likely story. One wonders if he was intoxicated at all, disrespectful, or some other thing occurred. We’ll see. Hopefully it was recorded in full.

    • Writer Girl

      Lots of people are too dumb to quit while ahead of the game. Look at Santa Ana. Usually they’re people who have attitudes like yours. You’re even dumber than Keystone Cops, posting here.

  • charlotte

    Sadly, there will be no “protests”, no kneeling, to honor this courageous police officer doing his job to protect the rest us.
    The hypocrites get the headlines

    • shhhhhh

      is this not a headline? also why keep knocking someones right to a peaceful protest? have many people of color not been treated unfairly and violently by police in other areas of our country?

      • warningfakenews

        Yes, sometimes cops kill Black people, and peaceful protest is a right, just as deciding whether you want to purchase a ticket to a game or not is, as is whether or not you choose to watch one.

        If the NFL wants to allow it’s players to protest on the company clock, and do so during the national anthem, that’s their right, too. The constitution doesn’t guarantee you won’t face economic consequences from society.

      • Sue

        people do have the right to peaceful protest and to express an opinion. Most employers won’t allow you to stage a protest WHILE ON THE CLOCK, except maybe George Soros who pays people to do things like that.

      • pushing buttons

        Hey Sue — stop parroting your Limbaugh/Breitbart Soros nonsense. You couldn’t hold a candle to this man — you have no idea what he has been through and the philanthropy he has done –unlike our child-in-chief who wouldn’t give a penny to help anyone.

      • sick of fake news

        ‘Right to ‘peaceful protest’ my @$$. You don’t have some constitutional right to make political statements AT YOUR WORKPLACE.

        First Amendment – Religion and Expression. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

        The first amendment is about restrictions on speech imposed by CONGRESS i.e., the state aka government, not private employers which the NFL is. Employers can regulate workplace conduct and do it all the time legally.

        How would you like someone at Starbucks or McDonald’s telling you why you should vote for Trump while you’re ordering your latte or fries? Don’t you think Starbucks and McDonald’s has a right to tell that employee to keep their political beliefs out of the workplace and away from customers? Of course they do.

        WISE UP.

  • Robert

    Dear LEO haters below that most certainly will be the first one’s to the news media microphone crying poor me crocodile tears about how the cops slow response to my 911 calls caused my baby’s dad to be killed. I say good riddance and may your local law enforcement forgo responding in your neighborhoods forevermore! BUILD that WALL!

    • shhhhhh

      “yaaaay a chance to spout off some racist rhetoric!” spending a bunch of money on a wall is just what our country needs right? trumps doing a GREAT job so far, right? he’s not a complete hypocrite, right? you’re really dumb, right?

      • jaypayorsuckdick

        Chance? LOL, its a given the opportunities abound. Stupid? Yea but I’ll take stupid over being a Ngr. Wall, I was talking section 8, not Mexico.

  • Supporter of America

    We really need to re-activate the Death Penalty in PA and anywhere it has been placed on the back burner. What is wrong with people, not just in this instance but in general? I have been stopped multiple times, mostly in my youth, but the thought of shooting the officer or anyone else never entered my thoughts. Man up buttercup.

    • charlotte

      There IS a death penalty in Pa.
      Gov Wolfe doesnt like it and refuses to enforce it.
      Remember that in next years election.

  • You’re A Loser

    Let’s see here:
    Dropped out of school in 10th grade.
    Arrest sheet 4 or 5 pages long
    Uses any drug it can get its slimy hands on
    SSI for alcoholism and drug addiction
    No future.
    Pretty accurate?

  • LA Seven Mary

    Choose a side: cops or thug scum. I choose the cops. Let me see the lazy thug do a cops job for 1 day and not crumble……..just 1 day…..

  • Tired of you people

    Let me guess, OP (Mr/Mrs “cops are pigs”) is:

    1. Uneducated with most likely a GED, if that.
    2. Low income as a result of poor education and pure laziness.
    3. Mad at the world and blaming everyone else for your shortcomings (which are a direct result of #1 and #2).
    4. User of illicit drugs and alcohol who spends a good chunk of what little income you have on cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol.
    5. On welfare.

    Did I miss anything? Seriously, go play in traffic.

  • Balanced

    Jessica in Billtown, you never fail to disappoint being a loon. How many times has a police officer shot an innocent driver for a broken tail light? Seriously, even if it’s been a dozen times (which it hasn’t) it should be no cause for alarm to reasonable, lawful people that treat the officers with respect and comply with directions. You are falling right in line with the mainstream media sensationalism and anti-authority movement that is trying to bring this country down. First, demonize Christian religions. Next, destroy the family unit. After that, question and defy authority. Stop being sympathetic to criminals. When the facts come out, we’ll find this shooter has been in and out of jail or had an outstanding warrant against him, just like that bozo that was burning wire that got killed by the fish cop. People would rather kill someone than be held accountable for their own wrongdoing.

    • ain'ta or no

      Only criminals would have guns, if that were the case. Then thugs would have NO deterrent from committing crimes agains innocent folks. Or donyou think the bad giys would give theirs up? Move to England, and deal w acid and machete attacks and terrorism. They have no guns and arent things just perfect? You are a moron libby candy ass.

    • JohnKimball

      Jayne are you saying we should make guns illegal, like drugs are? Because that’s really deterred criminals from getting them, right?

  • JessicaInWilliamsport

    Actually, I’d say everyone is jumpy or tense anymore. Especially when you see authority figures behaving badly and getting away with it. (like shooting innocent people who they stopped for a broken taillight) One of the things that baffles me, is that the officer(s) are allowed a low threshold of fear to cite “fearing for their life” as justification for shooting. What about the person pulled over for a minor infraction? Don’t you think it’s possible that those people “fear for their lives” as well? Not that I condone shooting anyone in these situations…. but let’s be balanced, m’kay?

    • Jalen Rowe

      If you’re fearing for yo life when you get pulled over than guilty of something. I don’t know no cops that just going around shooting people just got the sake of shooting people. You’re crazy women.

    • I know all about you, Steve.

      Your logic (if that’s what you call it) does not make sense. If an officer shoots somebody and it is deemed a bad shoot they are tried, and if guilty they are held accountable. And yes, many are, so get your facts straight. If a person is pulled over they should not fear for anything if they listen to the commands, e.g., keeps your hands on the wheel. Having said that, if you listed to what the officer says, both of you go home. Period.

  • Lance

    And yet there will be those idiots who don’t understand why a police officer is tense/jumpy. Because you never know what is going to happen when you get to the car window. I hope the officer is ok

      • Gibsonia

        It’s when people lost respect for simple things like saying the pledge of allegiance and when they take a knee to the anthem things start going sour !

      • OzzyCoop

        @Gibsonia That is one of the more stupid things I have heard in a long time. So not saluting a piece of cloth or pledging your blind loyalty to a thing makes you more prone to being a murderer? I’ll bet you that POS in Texas this past week who murdered those people with his redneck canon saluted a flag and chanted a pledge of loyalty just like the Nazis did.

      • concerned commuter

        Actually ozzycoop, if you read any news you’d have known that he was thrown out of the Air Force for domestic abuse of his former wife and child. He did a year in confinement and then a bad conduct. I seriously doubt if he would ever salute the flag or say the pledge. You sure don’t get much information from the news do you? You really aren’t very smart.

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