Dumping Issue in Monroe County to be Resolved

COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP -- An illegal dumping problem in one part of the Poconos is expected to be resolved by next week.

Officials in Coolbaugh township say a property where two houses were demolished turned into a garbage pit.

Mattresses, a recliner, garbage bags, and more litter this property off Route 196 in Coolbaugh Township.

People who live nearby say it's been an eyesore for a few weeks.

"I am very concerned about the garbage because it does make the neighborhood look bad when we all try to make it look good," Aesha Lynch said.

The township code enforcement officer says they were made aware of the issue earlier this week and the property owner has been issued a violation letter.

"It was a mess," said Tomas Keane, code enforcement officer. "He went in, in the very beginning to try and clean it up. There were two houses that were rundown, he demolished them, got the proper paperwork, and then some things got mixed up with him but he is in the process of taking all the garbage off the property."

The mess is expected to be cleaned up by next week but until then, township officials say they will monitor this area to make sure this pile doesn't grow before it's all cleaned up.

Residents say this stretch of green road is a common dumping site and garbage bags frequently litter this heavily wooded area.

They are happy to see that something is being done and hope people stop throwing their trash where it doesn't belong.

"It's very disturbing because I do walk my dogs up that way every single day and it makes the neighborhood look bad," Lynch added.

"Obviously, don't dump anywhere," Keane said. "Monroe County Waste Authority has a good program where you can take recyclables to get rid of there. Otherwise, if you have bulk items that are not recyclable, you have to go through one of the companies, go through the phone book and find someplace where you can dump it, but don't do it on the side of the road because it doesn't look good."

Anyone who witnesses illegal dumping is asked to report it to the waste authority immediately.


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