Cancer Survivor, Medical Community Talk Benefits Of Medical Marijuana

PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- “We are one step closer. Thank you," it was Pennsylvania's Physician General Dr. Rachel Levine who made that major announcement earlier this week.

The state has approved more than 100 doctors to green light patients to receive medical marijuana.

Here in Northeastern and central Pennsylvania, 14 doctors have been certified.

At the Mohegan Sun Casino's ballroom, hundreds of people turned out to raise money for the Northeast Regional Cancer Institute in Scranton.

Joe Ferguson of Dunmore is a cancer survivor and says he would have considered taking medical marijuana during treatment.

“I mean, I think when you're going through that treatment, that kind of treatment you need to consider any medication, legal medication that a doctor would tell you may help you with some of the issues you face,” said Ferguson.

Tammy Saunders of Scranton lost her husband Jay to pancreatic cancer.

She believes medical marijuana would have eased his pain.

“It was awful, the pain he endured was absolutely awful, just no one should have to endure that amount of pain, he'd be on his hands and knees on the floor,” said Saunders.

Mary Erwine runs a home health and hospice care company and says medical marijuana could benefit many of her patients.

“We see a lot of pain and suffering so I think with the initiation of the medical marijuana that it will help,” said Erwine.

And she believes that medical marijuana may even help with the opioid crisis.

“It will avoid when pain starts, getting on a narcotic that they're going to be addicted to and the medical marijuana will help,” said Erwine.

The state health department plans to approve more doctors and say patients could receiving medical marijuana in the next six months.


    • Just saying

      Why didn’t you just get some off the street marijuana? You must have a friend or two that could have hooked you up. That’s what I’d do if ever need be. And no, I’m not a current user. Haven’t been in 20 years.

  • jake smule

    All of these burn outs should be put in jail.
    Marinol is a medication with the same results without the side effects and is delivered in a controlled dosage.

    • Givemeabreak

      Marinol side effects:

      Dizziness, drowsiness, confusion, feeling “high”, an exaggerated sense of well-being, lightheadedness, nausea, vomiting, or stomach/abdominal pain may occur as your body adjusts to the medication. If any of these effects persist or worsen, tell your doctor or pharmacist promptly.

      How much does marinol cost I wonder? I know marijuana is a weed that you can grow for pennies.

    • Walter Schwenk

      Jake, the reason marinol is so unpopular, is that the synthetically derived concentrate lacks the natural buffering characteristics of the natural plant. You can’t fool ma nature.

  • trucker

    All the 60’s potheads are now running the country. Next will be medical crack and hash brownies in HS to “help” students cope with the SAT’s

    • Walter Schwenk

      And it will be a better country, with fewer of the Nixon clones who got us into this lose-lose “war on drugs”.

  • 420

    Please just legalize it in PA already! the good outweighs the bad. I know a lot of veterans who use this to cope with PTSD and it has amazing results for them, its much better than taking anti-psychotics and anti-depressants with all kinds of horrible side effects…the VA doesn’t give a damn, they just want to hand out pills to these poor men and women.

    • Rogue warrior

      Only a real scumbags,pill mill doctors, alcoholics, and opiate&psych pill makers would vote to turn medical marijuana down to the suffering people who need it especially or vets and people going through chemo! The na sayers are uneducated and high on themselves they say no while the sip their wine or whisky ect and act like what they do is totally fine!

  • renee

    You’re kidding. Taking about health at a casino that reeks of cancer causing second hand smoke and puts its works at risk of cancer every day and the Cancer Society does nothing about putting casinos under the clean air act? Hypocrisy.

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