Opossum Photos Prompt Outrage in Bloomsburg

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BLOOMSBURG -- Photos are quickly spreading on social media what many view as a group of young men abusing an opossum including feeding it beer.

One of those involved is a student at Bloomsburg University.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission is now investigating after the opossum pictures post got so much attention.

On Tuesday, Bloomsburg University officials responded after learning one of its students is involved.

In a statement, Bloomsburg University said one of the students pictured with that opossum is a student and his actions could fall under the student code of conduct.

These photos started to spread quickly on social media Monday showing that opossum being kissed, fed beer, and held up by a group of young men.

We're not showing another photo of the opossum thrown in a trash can.

Bloomsburg University officials say they have been getting quite a few calls from people upset seeing these images. The university and the Game Commission are investigating.

The university said in a  statement, "The university takes this matter very seriously and the Dean of Students office has already begun an investigation."

The Game Commission said it is trying to get the full story.

Possible charges wouldn't involve abuse or cruelty citations. The Game Commission would consider if this is a case of possession of wildlife or disturbance/harassment of wildlife.

Bloomsburg University students tell Newswatch 16 this does not reflect the actions of everyone at the school and most students are upset.

"I thought it was absolutely ridiculous. Obviously, it's animal cruelty and I think it's absolutely disgusting," said Bloomsburg senior Anthony Maletestinic.

"You don't just go and treat an animal like that and dump beer down its throat and its eyes, and then just throw it in the garbage," sophomore Rachel Bell said.


  • Think Positive

    What a bunch of idiots. They should be charged with animal abuse. Why are idiots always so impressed with themselves?

  • Think Positive

    What a bunch of idiots. It’s annoying to think that these guys will be among the work force in our society, once they’re out of college.

  • ELK

    Animal abuse is usually linked to human abuse/murder later in life. All you posters that are mocking this poor animal’s life, check yourselves.

  • Feed Me More

    wow, i applaud them for even catching and playing with the thing. so people run over these things everyday, are they going to be getting charged with something as well?

  • Ronnie Brown

    Hey Media!!! If you wanna report on real inhumanity then report on abortion clinics. Until then, you can piss off.

    • DownwithWelfare

      Abortion is a good thing, just because someone can procreate and have a child doesn’t mean they should…hey Ronnie Brown..are you going to take care of all these fetuses that aren’t aborted??? I think not and I know I don’t want another welfare baby siphoning tax my tax dollars!!

  • Bills wife aka the failed presidential race runner

    We must let more foreigners in without being vetted and also hang these guys for what they did to George Jones here! Also everyone must figure out how to keep Nancy and I health insurance plan from failing. We don’t really know what’s all involved until it’s voted for ! Hmm huh hum sorry bad cough, now where’s Bill at again

  • devil dog

    Animal cruelty laws apply to domestic animals, not wildlife. Any criminal charges that may arise out of this incident will likely be game and wildlife code charges. There are several applicable sections of this statute.

  • Linda A. Getz

    Does this mean they get a slap on the hand after doing this to an innocent animal? I have them in my yard and put out table scraps form them and the raccoon family that visits !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is sick

  • JD

    Heartless punks! WTH is wrong with people!? No respect for life anymore, whether it be animal or human. Their actions are purely cruel! Senseless torture! For all you jerks out there that think this is funny? I hope you’re on the receiving end one day! Shame on you!

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    You know what, screw every single one of you crying about this possum.

    If the thing was running around the neighborhood terrorizing your cats, the same people would be on here crying that the police, fireman, game commission, DHS, and the FBI won’t do anything to protect the communities from the pesty rodents.

    Oh and it would be Trumps fault too.

    Screw all you whiny bitches.

    • JD

      Possums are reclusive Lloyd! They avoid confrontation. Most of the time, I agree with you, but not this time. Why torture an innocent animal?

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        Maybe so, but you’re missing a few key points. Number one, I don’t care about the possum. Number two, I care even less about Bloomsburg idiots. Number three I don’t care if you agree or disagree with me.

        I’m just here to piss people off by writing down the first thing that comes to my mind.

      • JD

        Lloyd, you don’t piss me off. I’m just sad that you don’t have a heart. However, no heart, no foul, understood.

    • Jay

      First world problems. Suddenly everyone is all righteous and worried about opposums, and everyone wants a couple college kids head’s on platters. College kids have done dumb stuff for a very, very long time.

    • 80 years old and can spot an ass a mile away

      he should bite you on the nose. You are obviously an animal hater. These scum should go to jail.
      AND YOU SHOULD KEEP YOUR BIG MOUTH SHUT. Great young people we have in our schools.

      • 80 years old and and really do not care about you

        (Almost there) I did not even get started yet. Every year I donate 50 bags of food to my local animal shelter. If you think I’m going away any time soon your P—–G up a rain pipe.

    • Ksrebro

      Opossums are not rodents, and they do not terrorize cats or other pets they are quite timid and will either run away or involuntarily pass out when cornered. Animal abuse is not cool

  • Writer Girl

    Why are college kids so STUPID???? Honestly, we all go through the “young kid” stage and so many don’t act stupid like this. LEAVE OUR WILDLIFE ALONE!!!!

    • RJELQ

      If your from the nearby skook and have Facebook. how bout the stupid pictures 30 somethings post daily acting like they are 12. imagine when those people were in college 10-15 years ago.

    • El Ma

      With the exception of the few obvious trolls, most of the people that post on these discussion boards didn’t grow up with social media – The Place To Live Your Life, apparently.

      These idiot kids don’t realize that their social media will be the straw that breaks the backs of their employment attempts. Businesses and HR departments now check social media to see what kind of pr*cks are applying for positions. ;-)

  • Missy

    Lloyd, don’t make fun of someone that is actually stepping away from their keyboard and actually doing something to help prevent abuse of any kind. Speaks volumes of your character, not hers.

  • Melissa

    How does this not fall under cruelty to animals. This young man forced fed alcohol to this wild animal. Then threw it into the trash can. That is pretty cruel.

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